Listed in alphabetical order:

a letter to the moon

a question and a question and a question

a story written in verse

And that didn’t happen

and we’re all just entertainers

And you, then me.

another story written in verse

being bipolar is an extreme sport

come out come out wherever you are


dear future self

dear pretty little thing

Drunken Thoughts

Erase Me


Gretchen 2014

I Bet Your Mother Be Would Be Proud of You.

i don’t know if I’m drunk or the song is fast forwarding

i don’t know if this makes sense

i don’t know what to title this again

I wrote this poem drunk

I wrote this poem in a cab

is this the part where i apologize?

it was 8:43am

it’s not that easy

it’s raining and i’m here thinking

it’s 11:somethingP.M. and i wrote a thing

jodios pendejos

looking at humans on my train ride

me, him, and us

my love poems are ghost stories

not what you say i am


oh hi, i wrote a thing

on being absent and other things

Random Thoughts on a Monday

She Must Be Haunted

so what do you think?

some kind of self-love

sorry for being absent

The After Party

The Black Hole in The Universe

the cab driver this morning

this is a poem of how i break my own heart

this piece comes with no ending

this poem wasn’t planned

untitled; a teaser from the book i’m writing

venom and fire shouldn’t be paired together

women’s march

your d*** is showing