not what you say i am

I am fragmented skin
from all the boys
who touched me
but didn’t love me.

I am pieces
of myself
I have yet
to understand.

I am the ghost
who haunts his dreams,
so close
yet so out of reach.

I am the little girl
with a father
who didn’t have a father
so he doesn’t know
how to be a father.

I am burning desires,
a flame that
cannot be put out.
No matter how much
holy water you pour
on my soul.

19 thoughts on “not what you say i am

  1. So good Gretchen! I adore this, especially the final stanza ‘a flame that cannot be put out’ – Wow.
    You’ve inspired me to actually post a poem I wrote which i’ll do later on today… Quite scared because i’m sure it’s not good or it’s probably not even a poem but your words are always so beautiful and your poems are so easy to relate to. You gave me the inspiration.

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    • HANNAH YOU BETTER POST IT!!!! I want to read all of it!! I thought I wasn’t good at all and I was actually talking to a friend (Lilly from Lair of Books) and told her “the post/poetry I feel like will get less views is usually the one people really like”…it’s good to feel nervous, you should, I still do every single time I hit publish but then comes the satisfaction..and watch, once you post one, you’re going to want to post more and more..the thing about poetry and written work, there are no rules and obligations. You got this and I seriously cannot wait to read it!

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      • Ah thank you! I’ve got it scheduled for a few hours, super nervous. When you read it please go easy on me and remember I know nothing about creative writing haha! It’s probably poor structure etc!
        I actually started writing my own YA Dystopian type book as well, i’ve wrote only about 4,000 words but feeling super inspired lately. Hopefully it sticks!

        Thank you šŸ˜€

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      • Who said I was going to critique?? Lol there is no such thing as proper structure in writing!
        And that’s awesome about your dystopian novel =) take your time and keep writing!!


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