some kind of self-love

i have found to be
that love is not
as cruel as people
make it out to be.

that although
painful, it is
to have love.

the love that
you have for
y o u r s e l f .

the love for
that carries you
and takes you
across oceans.

a type of self-love
that no one can
take away,
no matter who
comes along.

a love for
that is worth
breathing in
and living.

a self-love that
you will wade for.

23 thoughts on “some kind of self-love

  1. Beautiful, real, and raw. Love this! It is so important for people to read your work you’re an inspiration to many and will continue to inspire so much more. Proud of you !

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  2. Beautiful! There is so much truth to these words. Self-love is soooo critical– it makes me sad when people can’t attain it, or elect not to. 😦 I hope that anyone who reads this and lacks self-love will come to a realization that they need to work for it. Love is so important.

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