welcome to ghost town cover reveal

hey everyone!!! i know it’s been a very long time. i hope you are all doing well. life has been really busy and honestly i haven’t read this year at all (i mean i read one book and i didn’t even love it tbh) but that’s for another post! i’m currently writing this and super emotional because this second poetry collection wouldn’t be here without any of you. this poetry collection started here on this blog in august of 2016 as people i once knew. i remember posting about two poems a month in regards to this blog series. and your feedback and love for each and every poem is something that has really helped me write this book. this collection has been really hard to write and a different process from love, and you. here’s the cover to people i once knew now titled welcome to ghost town.

welcome to ghost town cover

welcome to ghost town is divided into 25 ghosts (parts) and each has the original poem that was on this blog plus 2-5 more shorter poems after. this is the synopsis:

these are the stories of
people i once knew.
they have come and
gone like ghosts in
the night. you might
not be a part of my
life anymore but
you’re still the ghosts
who haunt me.

– welcome to ghost town

this collection releases october 23rd and you can officially add it on goodreads!


i would love to know your thoughts on the cover, i miss you all dearly! let’s chat in the comments ❤

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this is a poem of how i break my own heart

this is a poem of how
i break my own heart

every single time
with every person
that has crossed
paths my way

i think about all
the ways you’ll
hurt me before
you ever see
my first smile

i think about how
much i’ll long for
you when we both
walk away from
whatever this is

i think about each
breath and how i’ll
become obsessed
reading your text
messages over and
over again just to
wear myself out

i think about how
i’ll see you with
someone else and
cry over the sadness
about how i’m going
through the same
shit again

and so i never
commit to anything
because i’ll be broken
before our first date

love, and you turns one! and other news

Kindlei cannot believe it’s already been a year since my debut poetry collection came out and now it’s a year old! ahh!!! thank you all so much for your love and support throughout my journey. it all started here on this blog, posting poetry and getting tons of support. some of the pieces that are in love, and you were first published in this very blog and wow i can’t believe its come a long way. thank you thank you thank you! without you, the book wouldn’t be where it’s at now. i’m still in shock with how many lives this book has touched. i’ve received the loveliest messages of what this poetry collection has done to people’s soul. in the beginning i didn’t understand why i went through what i did but it all makes sense now.



as a thank you for the love and support alongside the celebration of turning one;

from now till the 8th of april
love, and you is FREE ON KINDLE WORLDWIDE!!!

here are some links, please check your
countries amazon if i have not listed it:
amazon usa | amazon uk | amazon ca

never heard of my book? it’s fine! here’s the synopsis and you can add it to goodreads here

one day i met a guy
who stole my heart,
we created a world
for ourselves.
and another day
he broke my heart
and shattered
my soul.

i took the tattered
pieces of this
broken soul and
became anew.

– here lies the hurting, the healing, and the learning

(please be advised this book has mature content)

in other news

i know this was a very long time ago, but remember that poetry blog series i had in 2016 titled people i once knew? guess what?! it’s officially going to be a book with a new title ‘welcome to ghost town’ and it will be released in october of this year! add it to goodreads here.

Screenshot (7)

in case you’re wondering, i did change the name because i thought it was more fitting since it’s about the people who have haunted me and left a mark. if you’ve been around since people i once knew days, remember how i used to title them “people i once knew – part 1” “people i once knew – part 10” etc. ? well i left the parts in but now each part has a name with an additional 3-5 poems. i’m more nervous about this collection than anything because it’s different. there’s no healing pieces, there’s no self-discovery, it’s all about most people who have marked me. i hope you like it!

it’s national poetry month

it’s national poetry month and amber @ YA Indulgences is dedicating her blog this month to poets. each and everyday there is a different feature. today on my one year anniversary, i wrote a guest post titled “benefits of reading poetry”. i would love if you’d check it out and leave some love. amber is also running a giveaway. click on the photo to be directed to her blog.


that is all for today! i would love to chat in the comments! i know it’s been a while ❤

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this piece comes with no ending

tell me then
about all these changes
the life imagined
a place of familiarity


tell me about
how we came here
the wrongdoings
of our actions
and we no longer
dream of the
life imagined

tell me then
how love no longer
lives in our homes
and about the times
we forgot to live
because we became
so busy in our minds

poetry book haul

hello everyone! i am here today with a poetry book haul. i was gifted a barnes and noble gift-card for christmas and was like ” P O E T R Y  B O O K S !!!” lol so without further ado lets get started!


36100966Sea of Strangers by Lang Leav

Synopsis: Sea of Strangers by Lang Leav picks up from her previous international bestselling books including Love & Misadventure, Lullabies, and The Universe of Us, and sets sail for a grand new adventure.

This completely original collection of poetry and prose will not only delight her avid fans but is sure to capture the imagination of a whole new audience. With the turn of every page, Sea of Strangers invites you to go beyond love and loss to explore themes of self-discovery and empowerment as you navigate your way around the human heart.




36282706the boys i’ve loved & the end of the world by catarine hancock

Synopsis: ‘the boys i’ve loved and the end of the world’ is the long awaited poetry and prose collection by catarine hancock, popularly known by the user “evanescent.love” on instagram. known for writing unique, raw and captivating pieces on everything from love and politics, to abuse and womanhood, catarine knows how to tug at both your heartstrings and your mind.

cover art by mikaela bailey.





37004309from scars to beauty by nicki naomi

Synopsis: From Scars to Beauty is a poetry collection based on the epiphanies of a woman as she heads down the road to self-discovery during a difficult time in her marriage. She is blind sighted by the events of her traumatic childhood that rushed back to her during the process, although she had been pushing them aside for many years. She begins to write, hoping to organize her thoughts. Instead what she found was: truth, healing, a reborn passion, a voice, forgiveness and most of all, herself.





36812982soft in the middle by shelby eileen

“there are so many words I’ve left unsaid
so instead of going another year or five or ten
in brutal, crushing silence
don’t waste this opportunity
don’t be scared when the full weight of my heart
tests the strength of your hands
I’m trusting you with something I barely trust myself with
this knowing
this telling
this momentous uprooting
I’m here
I am
I am right here in these words”

A debut poetry collection about love, heartbreak, body image, how absolutely breathtaking girls are, flower blooms and starlight.


36680203Lovely Seeds by R.H. Swaney

Synopsis: ‘Lovely Seeds’ is a collection of poetry that touches on the topics of mental health, self-love, and loving others with bite-size pieces that are meant to provoke thought and self-exploration.









and that is all for today! i really cannot wait to read these. i don’t know which one to pick up first lol. i did read a sampler and reviewed shelby’s collection before. however, now that i have the full book in front of me, it’s a must read. all of these poets have instagram that you can check out for more poetry. a kindly reminder to please cross-review on both goodreads and amazon, it helps us indie authors in a great way. that is all for today, thank you!

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plan with me and currently reading

hello! how are you today? today’s blog post is a little chit chatty type of post. want to share with you my plan with me for the week of the 15th-21st of january, my monthly february kit, and also what i have been reading.

weekly spread

*names of shops will link you to etsy store


i also used two different washi tapes by scotch and for writing, i use a pilot g-2 .07 pen. this is also an erin condren life planner.


i tend to plan as i go because this is a pre-planned spread. this is how the spread looked on the 14th of january.


this is how it looked today (the 21st). i did block out some stuff due to privacy. i’m still trying to figure out what works best for me when it comes to placement of stickers and functionality for me. also, i don’t write every single thing down that i do lol.

february monthly kit


i hauled this in my last post! this kit is from happy planner gal. i used white out and a pilot g-2 .07 pen


before the planner *screams into the ugly void*


and after!!!! tadaaaaaa. i definitely messed up with the side bar but you know, you live and you learn lol. i am so excited for february because i’m going to vermont to relax and write. i would call it a vacation but i honestly don’t plan on doing anything extreme but maybe finish some projects.

currently reading



I am tired of being used, hurt, and cast aside.
Adelina Amouteru is a survivor of the blood fever. A decade ago, the deadly illness swept through her nation. Most of the infected perished, while many of the children who survived were left with strange markings. Adelina’s black hair turned silver, her lashes went pale, and now she has only a jagged scar where her left eye once was. Her cruel father believes she is a malfetto, an abomination, ruining their family’s good name and standing in the way of their fortune. But some of the fever’s survivors are rumored to possess more than just scars—they are believed to have mysterious and powerful gifts, and though their identities remain secret, they have come to be called the Young Elites.
Teren Santoro works for the king. As Leader of the Inquisition Axis, it is his job to seek out the Young Elites, to destroy them before they destroy the nation. He believes the Young Elites to be dangerous and vengeful, but it’s Teren who may possess the darkest secret of all.
Enzo Valenciano is a member of the Dagger Society. This secret sect of Young Elites seeks out others like them before the Inquisition Axis can. But when the Daggers find Adelina, they discover someone with powers like they’ve never seen.
Adelina wants to believe Enzo is on her side, and that Teren is the true enemy. But the lives of these three will collide in unexpected ways, as each fights a very different and personal battle. But of one thing they are all certain: Adelina has abilities that shouldn’t belong in this world. A vengeful blackness in her heart. And a desire to destroy all who dare to cross her.
It is my turn to use. My turn to hurt.

now that my life has taken a turn, it takes forever and a day or two to finish a book! this year i started the young elites which i am still in the very beginning, i loved the legendary trilogy and warcross. yet, i still hadn’t read the young elites and i thought “hey why not now?!” i heard this is an “anti-hero” type of story which i am all for. i really miss reading these type of stories and marie lu has never done me wrong. i never fall into a book slump with her. with what i’ve read so far, all i can say is that our main character, adelina, has lived a very sad life. i cannot wait to explore of this book tonight. knowing myself, i wouldn’t be surprised if i splurge and get books 2 and 3 if i do end up loving this. i am hoping to finish this book before the month is over!


that is all for today’s blog post! i can’t believe the month of january is almost over! have you read the young elites? thoughts? let’s chat in the comments!

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planner, stickers, and camera haul! oh my! a talkative blog post.

hello there!!! how are you all enjoying 2018? i still can’t believe i was merely just “celebrating” the new year the other day and now we’re technically halfway into the month of january! *screams*

since this is a non-book related post, let me just put it out there: i gretchen gomez, poet, puerto rican, reader, writer, dog mom, ace, annnnnnnnnd all those things am a PLANNER ADDICT. yes, you have read it right. i am a planner addict. i love planners, plan with me videos, planner instagram accounts, washi tape, stationary, pens, stickers, kits, all of it! now, i am not the type of person to have 4 planners for different things, i feel like planning and planners are a very personal choice. you choose and do what works for you even if it doesn’t work for everyone else. i have one planner that fits all of my needs. let’s get started!

the planner:


imagine getting this box at your doorstep and opening it to find GOODNESS?!






IMG_4604this is my 3rd spiral erin condren planner. i actually stopped using my 2nd e.c. because i had switched to bullet journaling. however, my life got super busy and i didn’t have time to sit down with my ruler, pens, and washi to do the monthly/weekly spreads. then i found out that erin condren was coming out with a small hardbound horizontal layout planner and i thought that my life was made. nope. never mind. it did nothing for me and i wasn’t happy at all. it helped me with basic task but not for keeping up with everything i wanted. and so i came back to my one love that has never failed me. planning really does balance this overly hectic life of mine! i chose the neutral color (inside) which is black and white with splashes of color vs. the color layout that has too much color. i also chose the black coil. if you know me, you know how dark i am lol.

the inside of planner:

*note: this isn’t all of the inside, it has a lot of extra pages with different things like note pages, 2019 calendar, extra e.c. stickers in the back, etc. this is only the monthly and weekly views.

this is the beginning of how each month looks before we see the monthly spread. each month has a different color layout with a different quote. i love the color scheme on this one, perfect since it’s my birthday month lol!

an overview of the monthly spread with the holidays on them and also the moon changes. which i personally love since i am all into that. there’s also a sidebar for jotting down.


everyone is still trying to figure out why the boxes are dotted instead of lined!



i am the vertical layout type of gal. i see things from up to down vs left to right. this has always worked for me. i personally recommend getting a layout that works for you in order to make the best out of your planner. e.c. offers vertical, horizontal, and hourly.

i have a referral link that saves you $10 off your first purchase by clicking here. i am not sponsored btw.

sticker time:

okay so i love to decorate my planner with stickers. not only for decorative purposes but for functional purposes. have you watched plan with me’s? omg amazing! i still have more stickers on the way. i will make a separate post for those! i will be linking each shop in captions ❤

etsy shop: happy planner gal

this is a monthly (february) kit from happy planner gal and it came with a freebie sticker sheet (the small one). this goes over the monthly spread. i’m not fond of valentines day so i thought this was was perfect. dark, glasses, vintage floral, me!


etsy shop: paperpastelco

i ordered the succulent stickers and it came with the thank you freebie! i have 7 succulent children here at home and i want to use these as reminders to water them.

etsy shop: myfoxydesigns

my foxy designs really outdid herself with my order!!! i only ordered the laptop stickers and she added the iced tea stickers with a freebie, even a thank you note!!! i made another order from her and i cannot wait to get it in the mail!


etsy shop: pearteastickers

AREN’T THESE THE CUTEST?!?! i didn’t even order the “love ya” ones. i bought the first two. and what i love most is that her “petty” girls come in different skin tones. i got the pomeranian stickers for my fur baby. the petty happy mail stickers are for etsy stickers only.

etsy shop: sunshine sticker co

these happy mail stickers are to be used for any other packages like books/clothes/make-up/etc. they’re really small so don’t take up too much space on the planner which i love.

etsy shop: planned and pretty co

lastly, i received this weekly sticker kit which i am going to use for this week (january 15th – 21st) i will be uploading a plan with me for this kit and february sometime this week. i cannot wait to share with you! this also came with a valentine freebie which i decided to not show.

the camera:

i have been contemplating on a camera for a while. i take my own photos for instagram (unless i’m not sharing photos that others took of my book) and now that i am doing different blog post, i thought it was time to invest! this camera came in a bundle with loads of stuff but ultimately i just wanted to share the camera itself!

canon eos rebel t6

can you tell from some of the previous photos above that i used the camera already? lol! i wanted something good quality for beginners. this is perfect! look at my baby, baxter:


and that is all for this blog post! do you plan? what’s your style? or have a sticker obsession like i do? i would love to chat in the comments!

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