The Black Hole in The Universe


and I can’t even feel my fingers as they press the pen on this paper

I cried while doing my hair today.

I’m reliving it all again
5 years and I’m
living the same heartbreak again

I’ve had so much deja vu lately
and it all connects

the universe was warning me,
it was telling me that you would fail me
and again
and again
and again
and again

thank you universe, but I’m still a puzzle waiting to become pieced together

5 fucking years and here we are
you yelling at me
me telling you the importance of the matter
and you leaving

nothing will make you stay

I am dizzy and drunk off pain

My demons that have been sleeping for years are waking up and they’re whispering to me
and I’ve been so weak lately with everything that’s going on inside me that I might fall deep into the black hole

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