it’s 11:somethingP.M. and i wrote a thing

i have tendencies of
simply disappearing.
if i don’t want to be seen
by you, i will make that happen.

sometimes, i feel like
i’m just a facade.
you see me online…
you read my writing…
but you still don’t get
all of me.

there are pieces of myself
i have yet to discover.
there are pieces of myself
that i will take to my grave.

i find the human mind
very fascinating,
deep like the ocean.
never – ending.

14 thoughts on “it’s 11:somethingP.M. and i wrote a thing

  1. Beautiful, and true to everyone. I think it’s a fascinating concept that you might never fully know yourself. And certainly, no one else can either then. Besides, what others see of us is only a single facet of our being. You aren’t the only one showing masks to the world, or hiding, as you see fit.
    I am so impressed with your strength. And your poems. Please keep writing– you are helping me better understand my own self too.

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  2. This is pulling at all of my emotions right now. I withdraw into myself when I need to and no one seems to understand. I need this to explore and come to terms with my own self and feelings. I often feel like everyone sees me with blinders or a version they want to know. I almost cried reading this today. Love you ❤

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