another story written in verse

my daughter is here
and i’m really  happy
that she is.
we don’t force her to
come to church.
she willingly came today.

one thing i can always say
about her is that she listens.
and i want her to listen to this.

you know, one day
someone told me
“you will keep traveling
the world, but your
daughter will travel
more than you.”

and at the time i
didn’t understand,
i asked myself how
because she doesn’t
come to church.

till she sat down
with us and told us
about the projects
she’s working on.
and what that man
told me many months
ago clicked.

i have a big feeling
that 2017 will be
an amazing year
for my daughter.

– my father during his sermon on christmas day. i cried like a baby.

23 thoughts on “another story written in verse

  1. & im all tears eyes while I stand here waiting to be seated for some cheesecake 😢 that’s beautiful Gretchen!!! I know we’ve spoken about your dad & I had a feeling that he was listening, watching, and admiring your every move. He is very proud of you & this sermon speaks to his love for you. 2017 ain’t ready for what you have in store!!! 💥💥💥 XoXo 😃

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