so what do you think?

the reward system of society
that makes you ask yourself
“am i good enough?”
because they didn’t compliment
you in your accomplishment.

when will we stop wondering
if what we do is enough
in order to feel satisfied?

humankind is not so kind.

welcome to reality,
where you can tell
people are envious
through their silence.

i just wanted to let you
know that i find your
darkness beautiful
and if no one tells you
that what you did is great
but you feel happy within,
then that’s all that matters.

cause you carry the stars in your hands.

45 thoughts on “so what do you think?

  1. I think this might be one of my favorites of yours! 😀 “Humankind is not so kind” and “welcome to reality/where you can tell/people are envious/through their silence.” No truer words were never spoken!

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  2. I have now printed this out and placed it on the wall of my cube at work to remind me that I am great at what I do, and it doesn’t matter how everyone else acts. Or, even more importantly, what they *don’t* say is not relevant. I need to get out of my head at work, and this beautiful poem reminded me of that.

    Can you just publish your poetry book now so I can buy a million copies for everyone I know?

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