a question and a question and a question

sometimes i see people
and wonder what
they’ve been through.

who hurt you? why do
you look so sad? does
the sun not warm your
heart anymore? is the
skin you’re in not loved?
do the pieces of your
fractured soul create
a mosaic that tell a story?

i think broken souls call to mine.

30 thoughts on “a question and a question and a question

      • there’s one thing i learned in this process while sharing my poetry with all of you is that…your experience is very similar to others because people think they know what’s right and wrong when it comes to poetry…the amazing thing about poetry is that it really has no rules and im happy that you’ve had a wonderful experience, i hope it last like that a lifetime ❤

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      • Exactly! I hope to branch further into it as well. I recently got an audiobook called Poetry on Record- it’s 98 poems read by the authors. Including many who are no longer with us and were recorded on vinyl. Plath, Frost, Whitman– I’m hoping hearing poems read in their own voices will help me make connections different from my studies and get me further out of this mental box I seem to have found myself. Your poetry has really helped!

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      • I definitely will be reviewing it on my blog. 🙂 Typically, I listen to audio books when I’m exercising or driving. I think I want to sit and focus 100% on this audiobook, though. It might be a while before getting a review written then– it’s hard to get alone time!

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