She Must Be Haunted

I met him when I was months old.

I was 2 when he died.
I heard so many stories about him.

They say he died because of a woman.
The doctors said it was because he was young and diabetic.

“He was so in love with her.”
“We never saw him so in love before her.”

So what happened?

“She wasn’t good for him.”
“She left him for someone else.”
“She married another man while he was dying. That killed him.”
“He had such a bright future, the greatest trumpet player in the island, he had all these talents. She was problematic for him.”

So it wasn’t the diabetes?

“I think what she did to him caused his diabetes to worsen.”
“She knew he was diabetic and she didn’t take care of him.”

Did grandma like her?

“No. That girl was too out there, wild. I remember mami telling him to let her go, she was going to be the death of him. And look.”

Oh…why did she leave him?

“I think the rumors got to her head. She heard when people told him she wasn’t good enough for him. Stuff like that gets to your head, you know?”

“Look at this photo of my brother”, he says.
“Oh you two look so much alike”, I respond while studying the photo of a man I only met when I was months old.

“You know who posted this photo today?” He ask.
I stare at him, waiting for a response.
“Her” he says, the caption reads:
“This Man Is The Love of My Life”

But isn’t she married to the man she left him for?
Their divorce was finalized today.

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