Erase Me

“You should try to just get over it”
That’s what people tell me when I least expect it. When I’ve mentioned nothing of the past but I guess they sense that something is triggering me.

“You need to move on and get over it”
I would love to know.

I can’t erase years of abuse.
I can’t erase the only part of me I recognize because my identity was stolen from me.
I can’t erase the parts of me that others cannot touch because it triggers the worse in me.

Please tell me how I can “get over it”

I’ve been trying my whole life.

I’ve looked for myself in places, people, and things.
Parts of me have vanished.
Parts of me have been lost in the abuse and words of people I love(d).

I’ve been told to let lovers touch the parts of me that I can’t reach. That I let no one touch.

That would make me my lovers victim.
But you wouldn’t understand that.

Someone once told me “don’t try to make people understand what they never been through, they’ll never get it”

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