the cab driver this morning

the cab driver when i got in
said to me good morning
with this salt pepper hair
and big ole’ smile

he spoke
about god and
something in
regards to the bible and science.

i swore he must’ve felt my energy,
because he then got comfortable.
he changed the conversation.

he asked me:
do you think we are the only beings
in this universe full of galaxies?


he smiled and gave me a high five.
he started talking about theories
about beings
about the ocean
things that live in the ocean
he spoke about life.

and i was so in a tranced
with this human
and his soul
because he was so vehement.
about the world
the universe
the stupidity of mankind
and government secrets


and lastly he told me one thing
that will stay with me forever.
funny because i had asked the
universe last night for a sign.

“when my wife dies,
because i know she’s going to
die first than me.
i’m going to live 150 years,
i’m not kidding!
i’m going to find someone
thats into what i’m into.
you have to be with someone
that you have a deep connection with.
you have to be with someone
that likes the same things as you.
that you can have a conversation with.”

what he didn’t know
was that he was the
sign i needed.
for my anchor and
the universe
that holds us down together.

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