Drunken Thoughts

Wait for me
as the sun sets and the ocean shimmers gold

Wait for me
as the leaves turn orange and they fall around us

be patient for me
but I won’t beg you to stay

if you find someone, then be with her
and love her more than you love me

I know you love me

I would love for you to wait for me till I get rid of
all my fuckedupness
but I don’t know when that’ll be

and you deserve better than me.

And if you find someone, love her.
Love. Her.
Forget about me
and forget that we existed.

Cause the universe knows
more than we do.
And I don’t want you fucking up on something great.

Oh I hope she doesn’t exist cause I’ll be shattered.
(more than I am already)
For you, I’ll put a smile on my face.

Just wait for me
Like the ticking clock with every second that goes by.

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