a letter to the moon

dear moon,

come sing to me
on the nights
i feel lonely.

know that you can
tell me your
darkest secrets
for i have them too.

please share with me
what the stars
have planned,
yet keep me
in suspense.

may i keep
you company?
you remind me
of myself.

sometimes i look
at you and wonder
if the clouds blanket
you with safety
when you don’t
want to be seen..

because the weight
of the world
probably rest on you,
knowing that i am
not the only person
writing this letter
to the moon.

21 thoughts on “a letter to the moon

  1. Deep and beautiful , you have truly given me a love for the art of poetry because there can be soo many different interpretations to one piece of art and I think that’s one of the most beautiful things you’re truly an amazing poetess. Keep up the amazing work

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  2. That last stanza really conveys the truth behind this. I do not know how you manage to take so many familiar feelings and put them to word, but it moves me unlike any other poetry I read. It feels almost as if it is of my own thoughts at times. Love you ❤

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  3. This is so lovely, Gretchen. You truly have a gift for poetry ❤ I especially love this verse: "may i keep/you company?/you remind me/of myself." Perfection 🙂

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