another story written in verse

my daughter is here
and i’m really  happy
that she is.
we don’t force her to
come to church.
she willingly came today.

one thing i can always say
about her is that she listens.
and i want her to listen to this.

you know, one day
someone told me
“you will keep traveling
the world, but your
daughter will travel
more than you.”

and at the time i
didn’t understand,
i asked myself how
because she doesn’t
come to church.

till she sat down
with us and told us
about the projects
she’s working on.
and what that man
told me many months
ago clicked.

i have a big feeling
that 2017 will be
an amazing year
for my daughter.

– my father during his sermon on christmas day. i cried like a baby.

a story written in verse

he comes around
once in a while,
how I’m holding up.

he’ll ask to go out for coffee,
I say no.
then he leaves again for months.

for some reason,
he wanted to have a full blown
conversation about his love life.

I listened.
I didn’t need to.

I’ve missed you.
I wonder about you
from time to time.


are you dating anyone?
you still with that guy?

since when do you care?

I fucked up big time.

he’s probably thinking.

why are you still single?
is that what you want me to ask you?

you know me so well.
my mom got involved in my last relationship.
she was crazy, way too jealous.
she fucked it up, I mean, I fucked it up
cause I let her in the way.

have you tried getting her back?

I’ve tried but its lost.


so I’ve been fucking around.
I don’t want nothing serious.
that’s not for me.
but I saw this girl today,
she reminded of you.


you’re too much of a good girl
for anyone to be messing around
with you.
i don’t want you getting hurt.

and losing this last one,
is my karma

and the world keeps on spinning.