Jessica Jones: Alias Vol. 1 Spoiler Free Review

Title: Jessica Jones: Alias Vol. 1
Author: Brian Michael Bendis
Illustrators: David W. Mack, Michael Gaydos, Bill Sienkiewicz
Publishing Company: MAX Comics
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




Synopsis from Goodreads:

Meet Jessica Jones. Once upon a time, she was a costumed super hero…but not a very good one. Her powers were unremarkable compared to the amazing abilities of the costumed icons that populate the Marvel Universe. In a city of Marvels, Jessica Jones never found her niche. Now a chain-smoking, self-destructive alcoholic with a mean inferiority complex, Jones is the owner and sole employee of Alias Investigations – a small, private-investigative firm specializing in superhuman cases. When she uncovers the potentially explosive secret of one hero’s true identity, Jessica’s life immediately becomes expendable. But her wit, charm and intelligence just may help her survive through another day. COLLECTING: Alias 1-9

My Initial Thoughts Right After I Finished:


My Thoughts Now That It’s Been A Few Hours Since I Finished:

Before I get into the review I would like to say that this graphic novel should be read by ages 17+

This starts off with some kick-ass action! In the beginning I was comparing it to the Netflix show which I love. However, I had to tell myself to stop the comparisons and enjoy the story for what it is. And I am so happy I did that! (I also learned that the Netflix show kind of develops from later volumes which I look forward to reading)



While reading this, I felt that I could relate to Jessica in a way. Her emotions, the way she doesn’t want to talk about things, she goes about her day with a “it is what it is” type of attitude. She used to be apart of the Avengers and then hung up her suit (and that is all I am going to say because I want to avoid spoilers). This is when she stays with her human name, Jessica Jones, and tries to simply move on with her life. However, with the new cases opening up in her office makes it seems like she can’t get away from her once before superhero days. I liked that this isn’t your typical superhero story.

I liked the art and the different styles of reading each page.



Jessica Jones is set in New York City and I definitely got the NYC feel, even with the language from the characters. I feel like some people might find it offensive but as a New Yorker myself, we just become accustomed to hearing certain words and know people mean no harm by them.

I definitely will be reading the other volumes because there are so many questions that need answers.