Walking Through the Forest by Elizabeth Ann Spoiler Free Book Review

Title: Walking Through the First: love, loss and other tall trees
Author: Elizabeth Ann
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Library and Archives Canada
Format: Paperback
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Synopsis from Goodreads:

love, loss, pain, healing, poetry.

Elizabeth shares her experience with heartache and grief by embracing acceptance and self-love in a collection of poetry written with straight forward vulnerability.

Join her walk through the forest, surrounded by love, loss, and other tall trees.

I have the honor of personally knowing this lovely author. Not in real life but we have created in online friendship. We started this process of writing our poetry books together. Sharing excitement, jitters, and our debut babies. It’s been so cool to know her and just talk on a more personal level.

Elizabeth Ann released her poetry book on April 3rd and I just needed to get my hands on it immediately. Once the book was delivered to my house, I found myself opening up the book and reading all of it at once.

Lizzy (as I call her) writes about heartbreak, loss, and learning through a failed marriage. She expresses her pain, heartache, disappointment, hopes, self-love, and other things through each poem. Taking a punch to my emotions with each page I turned.

Walking through the Forest is a collection for all people but I would highly recommend it for those who feel in despair. Trust me, Lizzy will make you feel connected through it. She writes about things that she learned through her relationship which made her stronger and I applaud her for that. Lizzy talks about how she lost herself in someone but found herself instead.

Some of my favorite poems:

I have learned far too much
about myself in this forest
to turn around now.

I am no longer a vessel
to be used only for
a man’s satisfaction
and then thrown to the side,

easily abused,
easily ignored,
easily neglected.

-this wildflower has bloomed

Take stock of the damage.
With hand on heart, feel it
beat and pulse.
There may be damage,
but Heart is beating.

Beating Heart means Healing Heart.
Honor painful moments.
Cry when necessary.
Be brave.
Be kind to self.
Be kind to others.
Step by step,
Walk Yourself Through.

You got this, girl

-instructions give on self-love

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