maroon daydreams by Cheyenne Raine Poetry Review

Title: maroon daydreams
Author: Cheyenne Raine
Publisher: CreateSpace
Format: Paperback
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


maroon daydreams is a collection of poetry that dives into experiences of healing, living life, daydreaming and all the aftermath of decisions we make and wishes we chase after.









loved this short poetry collection! i thought it was vivid with imagery and the words flowed together beautifully. cheyenne raine divides maroon daydreams into four different sections which are healing, experience, daydreaming, and aftermath. each section has poems centered around the sectioned themes.

what i love most about this collection is the way i felt while reading it and how i felt afterwards. cheyenne raine left me with feelings of hope, love, and self-reflection. she took her emotions and wrote them down with every ounce of her soul.

i thought this collection was very dreamy and magical. i cannot wait to read more by this author!

some of my personal favorites from the collection:

pressed flowers have dried up in between the journal
entries i created, they have the faintest scent of life. i
once wrote about you and how you managed to create
a resounding echo of bliss in my life. i once found the
words that embodied your untamed spirit and
described your captivating smile. once. now, there
are dead flowers that smell like the rain and small
entries that cannot grasp who you are.

– scent of life

i choke on cigarette smoke. i want to leave these
strangers, yet, their stories are so wild and unique.
so, i stay and listen. their eyes close as they
remember who they were and why they were rebels.
my eyes are wide with curiosity, waiting to hear their
words fabricate a tale of good and old times.

– they were rebels

i will rise,
my fists full of flowers
and my soul full of light.
isn’t is the gentlest of things
that show the most strength?
where the blossoms push through dirt
and the sun illuminates the dark–
there, you will find me.

– fists full of flowers

you make it easy to
believe in magic and light.
your smile is a million
ocean waves crashing
into my small soul.

easy to believe

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love, and you out now!


my poetry book is now available to purchase in paperback and kindle edition!!!
i have been so nervous for this day to come and i still can’t believe it’s here! it still hasn’t set in that my poetry book, my first ever book is out in the world just doing it’s thing. excuse my language but my heart is in my ass.


i want to thank everyone who has supported this journey and been there since day one. not just with the book support but the poetry support in general. thanks for your beautiful comments, your wonderful words, those words of encouragement that kept me going. okay, legit i’m crying while i type this out. thanks to the guy who broke my heart over and over again, this book wouldn’t have been possible.


special shout out to three ladies:
Lilly @ Lair of Books for editing my book and being there!!!
to my beta readers Debby @ alwaysbooking who has a review for my book here
and to Danielle @ Books, Vertigo and Tea who also has a review here!

these ladies rock!! and i am so thankful that i have you three in my life ❤




some things to know about love, and you: majority of the poems do not have titles, unless they’re taglined and that’s more like a punchline. i don’t have titles because i want it to be read more as a story and in one whole. it’s also why i didn’t divide the book into three parts (hurting, healing, and learning) even though it flows in those parts. some poems are in spanish with translations, except for a short one. i aged this poetry book for the ages of 16+


synopsis (click here to add on goodreads):

one day i met a guy
who stole my heart,
we created a world
for ourselves.
and another day
he broke my heart
and shattered
my soul.

i took the tattered
pieces of this
broken soul and
became anew.

– here lies the hurting, the healing, and the learning

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once again thank you, thanks for being there and thanks for celebrating with me!

using createspace, pre-ordering, apology, and a chat?

Hello everyone!! I hope you are all having a lovely day today. This will be short! I promise lol. Let’s see…. Firstly, I wanted to apologize to everyone. I know I told you all that I would be providing you with pre-order links for the physical copies of my poetry book ‘love, and you’ releasing April 4th. However, come to find out that the indie publishing company I am using called Createspace doesn’t let me. I should’ve checked this sooner, rather than telling you all “yes I’ll provide you all links”.

Now there is a way for me to put out a pre-order link as if I’m the one sending you the book directly. What happens is, I open an account with Amazon Advantage and tell them that I’m selling my book directly from my house. Once it goes live with Createspace, I have to go back to Amazon Advantage and let them know that another distributor will be taking charge. Sounds easy right? Here’s the thing. This doesn’t work out that well for a lot of people. I might be putting out a big risk in doing that and I hate playing with people’s money and time. Because I have read that sometimes Amazon denies this access. Therefore, I prefer doing it the safe route where no problems will occur and that is just dealing with the distribution straight through Createspace. And thus far, I have loved working with Createspace, I would highly recommend it if you’re going the indie route.

All of this has to do with why I’m publishing the book sooner than the original date which was June 20th. It all worked out way better than I thought though. I’m getting tons of positive feedback because of the change in dates, ‘love, and you’ will have time to flourish while I work on People I Once Knew that is coming out late January 2018. Plus, one of my poet friends told me that April was National Poetry if that isn’t a sign from the universe lol.

Again, I’m really sorry for promising all of you something and not going through with it. The only pre-order link I do have is the Kindle e-book version. Doing the Kindle e-book is working through Amazon directly via Createspace. So when I log onto Createspace I see the kindle version of my book. Don’t why they can’t do the same for paperback copies but it is what it is.

The physical copies of ‘love, and you’ will go live for purchase April 4th via Amazon worldwide. 6-8 weeks after that day, you can order it on Barnes and Noble online and Book Depository. Thank you all for being a part of this journey with me.

If you want to pre-order the kindle version, go here:
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The Chaos of Longing by K.Y. Robinson Spoiler Free Book Review

Title: The Chaos of Longing
Author: K.Y. Robinson
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Format: Paperback
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Synopsis from Goodreads:

The Chaos of Longing is a prose and poetry collection draped in raw honesty, ache, and eroticism. The collection explores trauma, love, heartbreak, and the realizations from it all. 

The book is divided into four sections. “Inception” briefly examines formative years and its effects on how one loves. “Longing” reflects on love and sexuality. “Chaos” explores toxic relationships, unrequited love, and heartache. After chaos, there is order with self-love and healing poems in “epiphany”.

Some content may be triggering.


You can’t hear me but I’m screaming because YOU ALL NEED TO PURCHASE THIS COLLECTION OF POEMS!!! So so so good!! So freaking amazing and inspiring and just reading her poetry and knowing what she has been through, the way she writes is fantastic.

K.Y. Robinson has divided her poems into sections titled Inception, Longing, Chaos, and Epiphany. And it’s told almost like a story where she talks about her trauma as a child, how loving another was effected because of that trauma. She also talks about heartbreak, toxicity, healing, and self love.

The author takes us through her growing experience with these poems. I literally cried with some of these and after reading her first two poems, I was sucked in and knew I was going to relate in such a deep way. After reading the poems, I saw how closely related it is to my own poetry book.

I felt relieved in a way to know that my experiences weren’t just my own and that someone else had related to them in her own way.

K.Y. Robinson is a WoC (women of color) and she even mentions her roots in some of the poems which was so raw and excuse me but so fucking beautiful. It was empowering and I feel like we need more of that in the book community, in poetry, in all aspects of life. Women speaking of their roots. She talks about herself unapologetically and I applaud her for that.

Yes, some of these poems are sad and full of so much deep emotion. However, there’s a message and there’s positivity in the end.

Some of my favorite poems:


i’m half jerk chicken
and collard greens
in this nightmare
called the american dream.


he only said
he loved me
when i was being
that’s when i learned
i had to tempt chaos
to feel loved.


if you eat men
and still feel
like you’re starving,
you’re craving something
that they cannot give.

don’t expect men
to fill vessels
that were gifted
to you to overflow.

find passion
and self-worth within
instead of
locking them
inside of men
who like swallowing keys
so they can keep you
all to themselves.

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