i would’ve never thought i would suck at blogging, yet here i am

well hello there, hi, long time no see. wow this feels so weird. i’m sitting in front of my screen with a blog post open and typing away. i miss those days, of losing myself in a blog post. i don’t even know where i’m going with this post but like i just need to write this out.


you know i’ve been asked by 2 important people in my life if i’ve given up blogging for good and the answer is no i haven’t. so now you’re probably wondering, well then why haven’t you been blogging if you didn’t give up? if someone would’ve said to me that my life was going to change this much when i published a book, then maybe i would’ve expected this. the less blogging, little to no reading, being busy with writing, and life period with many exclamation points of adulting. i would’ve warned all of you if i knew this.

i refuse to shut down my blog. i have been stressing a little too much over my blog, my presence here, stressing over coming back, being accepted, and keeping things with how they used to be. instead, i’ve been thinking of changing things up here on chicnerdreads and starting fresh for the new year. with all these changes in less than a year, i have changed too. i’m still playing with some ideas for the blog and trying to balance my very hectic time-limited schedule. cause if you don’t know, i’m currently working on other projects, i have family here from PR that came immediately after Hurricane Maria, and now the holidays are here.


all in all, i wanted to say hey hi, i miss you all and think about you often.


Q&A announcement!!

hello everyone!!! i hope you are all doing well, i have been quite exhausted lately so please send me some positive vibes lol. thank you! this post will be short and to the point because i will be saying a lot more in another post!

on Saturday May, 20th i will make one year blogging, ONE YEARand i still can’t quite believe it. as my one year blogiversary, i will be answering alllllll the questions! therefore, please please please leave me any questions you have here on this post. questions can be anything really. like about my blogging experience, personal questions, writing, about my dog, anything!

thank you to everyone who’s been there with me through this blogging journey. i am super grateful and really happy that i have met you all. some have even become personal friends and it means the world to me. blogger friends really do make for great friends!

ALSO!!!!!!! as part of my one year blogiversary, my poetry book love, and you will be 99cents for the day on kindle! whoop whoop! but if you have kindle unlimited, you can already check it out here.

and that is all!!! thank you for stopping by ❤