Conspiracy Theory Thursday: Deja Vu

Welcome to my all new monthly feature called Conspiracy Theory Thursday! Once a month I will talk about a brand new theory, be it Mermaids, Aliens, Area 51, Men in Black, Atlantis, etc. etc. etc. I am absolutely obsessed with theories and keeping in open mind. I wholeheartedly believe that the government keeps things from us. I believe that the universe is way too big for us to be the only living beings. I also believe that there are many things living in our ocean..I mean less than 5% of the ocean has been explored, REALLY?!

Today’s theory is all about Deja Vu and if you’re wondering why I chose this one as my first is because for the last 3 months, I have been experiencing heavy Deja Vu. I will mention different theories and please note that I do not agree with all theories. At the end of the post, I do discuss which one I believe in.


Deja Vu
noun: a feeling of having experienced the present situation


image from paranormalglobe

According to a few articles, scientist have proven such a thing as multiverse. Research has shown that there are multiple universes. Which honestly is mind blowing and yet not surprising at all with how huge the universe is and planets being discovered all the time. But back to how this connects to Deja Vu. It has been said that from these multiple universes, parallels to the current universe we live in exist. In other words, we have a parallel us existing in a parallel earth.

The way this takes into effect is that when we experience Deja Vu it is because our parallel self in the parallel universe is doing exactly what we’re doing at the same time. In other words, creating an alignment between two universes. The parallel is overlapping and colliding with us in our current state, we are experiencing the same vibration in frequencies which is why Deja Vu comes so suddenly.


We have Deja Vu due to a precognitive dream. A precognitive dream is when a dream predicts something that’s going to happen in the future. Research states that the average person has 4 to 6 dreams per night and sometimes even 7-8. However, once we wake up, we quickly forget most of them or all of them altogether (so you’re definitely dreaming every night). Some studies show that dreams have similarities to future events which would explain why we experience Deja Vu, because what if we already dreamt the present situation but we don’t quite remember the dream?

Short story time, this has happened to me. I have dreamed a future situation but had forgotten the dream. However, when I experienced Deja Vu, it’s as if the sensation of being in that place and time already made me remember the dream and exact day as to when I had the forgotten dream.


neurons-1773922_960_720Since there’s no scientific evidence for Deja Vu, however plenty of research has been done, there’s a theory that we experience Deja Vu because of a glitch in the brain due to how memory is stored in the brain. An example would be a familiar scent causing a recollection of a memory. Our brains search through our memories to make the connection to that familiar scent (memory check), instead the brain starts signaling there’s a memory error. Which means that there was a problem in our brain connecting with what we actually smelled and what we thought we had smelled, therefore that Deja Vu is “the birth of a false memory”.


The theory that I believe in is actually a tie between theory a and theory b! I do believe that there are multiverse/parallel universes and I also believe in the dream theory because of my own experience. When I have Deja Vu and it doesn’t remind me of a dream I had, then I immediately say “parallel stop messing with my frequencies, k thanks” lol.

***Please be advised that there a lot more theories than the three I mentioned. I chose these three because they sound more realistic than other theories I’ve read/heard about. Remember that you can access these theories with a simple search on the web. I like to have an open mind and hope you do as well.

and that is all for today! what theory are you leaning towards? we should chat in the comments! please let me know what you thought of this feature and let me know about any topics you would like for me to cover. much love ❤

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60 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theory Thursday: Deja Vu

  1. This is great! I look forward to reading more of Conspiracy Theory Thursday. Deja Vu is so weird, just something I experience often but I’ve never really researched before. This is a balanced well researched post about it.

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  2. Very cool post! I’m not sure that I agree with the multiverse thing. Not saying it’s not possible, it’s just that I don’t know enough about it to get behind it. I am a dreamer and I remember almost all of them. I’ve seen so many things in my dreams that come true (Both short and long term) so now when I dream it scares me! There have also been times where something is triggered in my memory but I can’t place it so it gives me this crazy sinking feeling while at the same time it feels familiar.
    Great, now my mind is spinning!!

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    • I would definitely suggest researching the scientific evidence behind multiverse, it’s very fascinating and mind blowing at the same time. When you think about how big the universe is, it’s pretty scary.

      And I definitely understand you about the dreams! I dream a ton and usually remember all of my dreams, especially important ones which happen to come true most of the time as well. I get how scary that can be. Life is such a wonder and how things work are so surprising. Sorry that your mind is spinning!!

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      • I have a friend that I met through Books Amino. We talk daily and are so similar in our personalities and the things that happen to us daily. If I have a headache – I know she’s going to. If our kids are struggling – I know hers are too. If I’m having a bad day then, you guessed it, so is she. We basically call ourselves the multiverse sisters which makes your post even weirder!

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  3. I’m so excited to read these posts of yours!!! I love conspiracy theories because they make me see the world in a different light. It challenges my preconceived ideas.
    I’ve heard of the multiple universe theory, and I get it, but I have a hard time wrapping my mind around it, I guess. So, for me personally, the dream theory makes the most sense to me. That’s usually how deja vu happens in my life.
    Great post!!! Looking forward to more of these.

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    • Thank you so much!!! I definitely understand how multiverse theory can definitely be hard to wrap around. I would suggest to check out the scientific evidence there is cause it’s so mind blowing and shocking!!

      Dreams are so cool and weird at the same time! I feel like this is something more easily relatable as well. Deja Vu can easily trigger a forgotten dream. Happy that you understand it! And thank you for stopping by ❤

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  4. This is such a FUN topic! I myself experience a lot of Deja vu and well it’s SUCH a wierd feeling. Like its happened but you don’t know when. I’m definitely open to the idea of multi universes because that just seems pretty cool! Theory B seems most likely for me to be honest. It’s quite realistic but who knows? Theory C is a little boring and scietinfic so..OBVIOSULY NOT CONSIDERING IT XD

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    • Lol! thank you so much for commenting! I love reading everyone’s thoughts on this! Deja Vu is definitely a weird feeling and it happens to me very often as well. “Like whoooaaaaa where is this coming from?” The universe is ever expanding and we find new stuff in space all the time! Since there’s evidence around multiverse, this concept of having a parallel can very well be real and its creepy cool if you ask me lol. Dream theory is definitely relatable! Theory C is like the closest to science but not even full proof since there still is not scientific evidence to back it up, bleh! ❤


  5. LOVING this already twin!!!! I used to get Dejavu a ton over the years but as of late I haven’t & I sort of miss that if it makes any sense. I can totally see truth in the multiverse theory, especially after reading Library of Fates! I unfortunately cannot remember any of my good dreams only the really bad emotional ones and they always come as warnings of things that have happened so I fear them naturally. LOVE This twin! i’m already so excited for the next one *eeeeK* ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Thanks so much twin!!! Lol I definitely understand how you can miss Deja Vu, its such a weird and cool sensation at the same time. The fact that there is scientific evidence in Multiverse theory is soooooo cool!! Dreams are such a wonder of life, I understand how scary it can be since I tend to dream bad/emotional things 98% of the time. Oh life…Thanks for love and for commenting! I’m excited for the next one as well ❤


  6. I LOVE this feature so much!! I believe this was my first time hearing theory A but it’s fascinating and mind blowing to know that multiple universes are a possibility! I lean more towards theory B because I have experienced it and it was so cool! Can’t wait to see what other theories you talk about! 😘❤

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  7. I love this feature! I can’t wait for more!

    I always think it’s theory b. Even if I can’t remember the dream exactly, the sense of deja vu always makes me feel like I had that glimpse in a dream at some point.

    Not to mention, the sense of deja vu always makes me think of The Matrix. I’ll tell my husband, “The Matrix just glitched!”

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  8. This is such a great idea for a new feature. Can’t wait to see what else you’ll talk about! I’ve had deja vu quite a few times. I don’t really have any strong beliefs about what causes it, but all of these theories are interesting to think about!

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    • Thanks so much Kourtni! I feel like since Deja Vu is not proven, it’s just one of those things that is up in there that many people can relate to if they’ve had it. So I completely get you! Thanks for stopping by ❤

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  9. Love your first conspiracy theory post and your first topic being Deja Vu. It’s something I always think about and Theory B sums mine up, I have Deja Vu’s so often and i’m sure it’s from my dreams. My family always thinks it’s weird but I’ll be watching TV and I’ll be like i’ve seen this before? Or sitting in a spot doing something and i’ll be like wait a second…
    Everyone think’s i’m just making it up but I wish I could give them the feelings I get so they realise!

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    • YES!!!! I totally get it! That has happened to me too when watching something, I swore I saw it but in reality I didn’t. I think the dream theory is very relatable just because humans usually don’t remember all their dreams from one night. But I don’t think you’re making anything up ❤

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  10. This is a great post and a great new feature Gretchen. I really cant wait to see what you think of for next months.
    I’ve never thought too much about deja-vu before, it’s not something I can say I’ve felt too many times, and when I have it’s normally because my memory is so bad I’ve forgotten I’m doing something for the second time. In terms of your theories I’m leaning towards theory A. I’ve seen some posts on the multiverse theory and it really interests me, the thing I was reading recently was how large groups of people have the same false memory, like how everyone seemed to think The Berenstein Bears was spelt The Berenstain Bears.
    Again great post. 🙂 ❤

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  11. This was a great post! I really enjoyed it! Every time I experience Deja Vu it’s never like I’ve dreamt this before, it’s I’ve done this before, and I just assume & associate it with maybe I did this in another life.
    Like when I had my appendix removed when I was 11; I had this extreme sense of Deja Vu and I can’t explain it; just that it felt like I’d been there before.

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  12. Mind = officially blown

    WOW Conspiracy Theory Thursday sounds sooo cool. I personally have read a bunch of questionable articles about The Mandela Effect. I’ve been feeling deja vu for FOREVER, but part of it can probably be attributed to my general airheadedness.

    Plus, I think the best part of conspiracy theories is that they’re so outrageous, yet somehow make sense??

    Anyways, looking forward to more of these posts!!

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    • Thank you so so much!!!! I love The Mandela Effect and would love to talk about it sometime in the future.

      I definitely agree with you that some conspiracy theories are shocking but they do really make sense!! There are some that I want to talk about and I am sure people will think I’m crazy lol.

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  13. I really love theory a! and I’m pretty sure that b probably does happen even if a or c are real too… damn it I know I’ve dreamt stuff and then it’s happened! But theory a really just… makes me excited to think about so I really want it to be real haha! I love these! Cant wait for more

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    • OMG you should so look into theory a!!! there’s scientific evidence that proves multiverse!! IT’S REAL! WE CAN BELIEVE IT LOL. it’s so freaking cool to think about having a parallel somewhere else. Thanks so much for stopping by ❤


  14. I’ve always been a solid c believer only because thats what school taught me and it made the most sense at the time but I always tell my partner hey this persons going to knock on our door or other weird dreams I have so I can try and place them when I get that deja vu and have a witness to back me up, it hasn’t happened yet but maybe one day. Multi verse have always been my favourite, even when I was little I’d love the shows that had multiverse theories, you as a boy, you as evil etc… It just give my sci fi loving brain life xD

    Amazing first post Gretchen! I’ll be tuning in every week for your next ones ❤ ❤

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    • Thank you so so much!!! And that’s so cool that you’ve had those experiences, it really makes me think we all have a little supernatural in us. Multiverse is awesome and it’s great that there is scientific evidence to back up such claims. Ever wonder what your parallel is doing or if they’re your polar opposite? Lol! AHH!!!!! oh and btw this feature is once a month for now. It takes me a while to gather all the information and I don’t have much time on my hands =(

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    I experience deja vu ALL THE TIME to the point where sometimes I’m like “okay can I have break now!!!” hahaha. I dream a lot and constantly have lucid dreams (and have had a few that have come true – that I’ve had /no/ control over which is quite creepy haha). I definitely feel like it could possibly be a combination of all 3 of these things. My memory is shocking so I feel like sometimes it’s just me forgetting and then suddenly remembering 😂😂 but I also refuse to believe that the world is only what we know. There has to be /more/. The idea of multiverses is so intriguing.

    Can’t wait for next week’s post, Gretchen ♥♥

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    • Thank you soooooo much Lauren!!!! Lol I definitely understand you! I feel like the older I get, the more I experience Deja Vu. It’s cool and weird all at the same time.

      AND OMG ARE WE DREAMING TWINS?!?!?! Same thing happens to me way more than average. I’m a pastors daughter so like I’ve had people who have told me that I am a seer/prophet….and I’m just like mmmmm k. I’ve had dreams where months later they come true.

      I completely agree that there is more to this world, especially with how much the government likes to hide things from us. Oh and this feature is once a month =( it takes me a while to gather accurate information and I don’t have much time as I would like.

      Thanks again ❤


  16. This is such a cool feature! I love reading about conspiracies, and I haven’t read much about deja vu before so this was really interesting to read. I think I probably lean toward theory b of the dreams, because it makes a lot of sense to me.

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  17. This is a great topic! I’m leaning towards A and B. I’ve experienced Deja Vu so many times in my life. I still get pretty surprised when I feel that I’ve been in the same situation before and I have no answers for it. I always remember my dreams when I wake up and a few times my dreams continues from where it was left off in the previous day. Sometimes I meet strangers that I’ve never met and live in places that I’ve never been before. One of my weirdest dreams is dreaming in a dream. First I woke up in my dream and I wasn’t aware that I was still dreaming then. Next time I woke up for real and it was quiet a weird experience for me because I honestly thought I had already woke up. LOL! Have you ever experienced it before?

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    • OMG YESSSSSSS!!!!!!! I have experienced all of that, I am also a lucid dreamer. So there are times that I know I am in the dream and can control what I do in the dream, creepy right? Lol. There have been times as well that I visit the same place in my dreams where I actually have never been to in real life and like I will have a field day in my dreams. It’s so weird but I definitely know what you’re talking about.

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  18. I am truly living for all the love you are getting in response to this new feature of yours Grey , amazingggggggg . I am sooooo looking forward to this one thursday a month . I am alll for this multiverse theory because i just know that out there in this vast beautiful universe there is just so much thats unknown about this world we share and i honestly do believe that somewhere out there we are expirencing these things . I love that you chose this as a first topic its something i feel many people experience including myself. Soo happy you decided to do this . Congrats !!

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  19. Well researched! I will be looking forward to more of these posts! I experience deja vu all the time!! I have heard a theory where when the brain can’t comprehend something or when you are in a state where you are too tired to take in everything happening in the moment that the brain gives the illusion that you have been there before to alleviate the stress. There are so many theories out there, but one thing I know for sure is that lots of us experience this! ❤

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    • thank you so much!!! and yessss there are so many theories, i heard something like that theory. i think it’s so cool that a lot of us experience it and many have their own theories as to why they experience it!


  20. Wow! I’m comment 57, so obviously, something is going right with this post! This is really intriguing. I had no idea there were so many theories around the origin of deja vu. As a silly realist, I am partial to theory C. But, I know that’s just the scientist in me speaking! I am personally not really into conspiracy theories, but I’ve never found a “safe” place to learn about them. I never know what to trust on the internet.

    Definitely continue this series– I’d love to learn more!

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