Top Ten Tuesday: Ten book Recommendations for Modern Poetry and Fiction Readers

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Today’s topic is: Ten book recommendations for ______________

I will be splitting this meme into 5 book recommendations for modern poetry and 5 for fiction readers. basically a faves list that everyone should read.

*titles will lead you to Goodreads

Modern Poetry


  • Identical by Ellen Hopins
    a young adult novel written in verse with regards to mental health
  • Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
    romance contemporary taking place during the Y2K
  • Burying Water (Burying Water #1) by K.A. Tucker
    new adult novel that will gut your soul
  • Rooms by Lauren Oliver
    paranormal story all about a haunted house filled with ghost
  • Vicious (Villains #1) by V.E. Schwab
    a paranormal book filled with supernatural elements and experimenting.

that is all for today! let’s chat in the comments! have you heard or read any of these? would love to know!

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25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten book Recommendations for Modern Poetry and Fiction Readers

  1. I really want to try some poetry soon so I may have to look into the collections you recommended! I used to love poetry when I was in middle school and then for some reason I stopped reading it, but I really want to get back into it. I want to read more of Schwab’s books, too. I’ve only read ADSOM and AGOS so far.

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    • I hope you like any of the collections I mentioned, modern poetry has such a different take and you don’t have to scrutinize every stanza/word.

      Ahh!!! You should definitely check out Vicious, Monsters of Verity Duology, and The Archived! Did you like ADSOM? I plan on finishing the series next month, hopefully.

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      • I much prefer modern poetry to other kinds, haha. I like how relatable it is without being ridiculously difficult to understand.
        I have This Savage Song but for some reason still haven’t read it. I’m a slacker, haha. I really enjoyed ADSOM! I’m in love with all the characters in the series, haha. I still need to read ACOL, though. Not quite sure why I keep putting it off 😛

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  2. Great picks for this week Gretchen. I have a few poetry books on my to-read list and one day I’ll get around to them as well. The Princess Saves Herself in This One is near the top because I have heard nothing but amazing things about Amanda Lovelace and her poems. 🙂
    Also I love your picks for the fiction half of this feature. I’ve only read Vicious, which is an all time favourite of mine but as it’s written by V.E. Schwab that shouldn’t really come as a surprise, but I want to try and get around to Attachments soon. I really enjoy Rainbow Rowell’s books despite not having read many of them at the moment.
    Again great picks! 😀 ❤

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    • Thank you so much Beth! Amanda Lovelace is so talented and a super rad human being. I really hope you enjoy her collection, it’s just wonderful and one of my all time faves. Oh Schwab, she’s just fantastic, isn’t she? *melts* I would read anything by her. I cannot wait to read the sequel to Vicious, I have very high hopes lol. I hope you like Attachments, it’s a super cute contemporary. ❤

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  3. I’ve been really wanting to get more into modern poetry. A few years ago I read I Wrote This for You, which had poems and photos in it and really loved it. I’m excited to read more and love your list! I need to check them out! I loved Attachments, that was such a good book. I really want to read Rooms and Vicious!

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    • Oh I have I Wrote This for You on my poetry book shelf and have yet to read it but I have seen what the inside looks like and I cannot wait to read it! Happy to read that you loved it!
      OMG Attachments is amazing!!!!!!!!! So happy that you loved it as well, it’s so heartwarming. I hope you like Rooms and Vicious, they’re so so good ❤

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  4. This list is amazing!! I LOVE The princess saves herself in this one and I’m so excited for the sequel and I love Rainbow Rowell! I haven’t read any of the other books but the majority is already on my TBR!

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    • OMG YES I CANNOT WAIT FOR WITCH BY AMANDA!!! EEEEEEEEK! It’s going to be amazing and I know I will love it. I read Landline and thought it was super cute, I couldn’t get into Fangirl though. Thanks for stopping by ❤

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  5. Yay! I’m so glad you divided up this list into two mini lists! Krysti @ YA and Wine and I were just talking about potential contemporary poetry books for her; I’ll have to point her this way. The Princess Saves Herself in This One and The Chaos of Longing are both on my TBR. I feel so well-read when I say poetry is on my TBR. That’s 100% you, Gretchen! ❤

    I haven't read any of your contemporaries– but Attachments is high on my list! It’s the only Rainbow Rowell book I haven’t read yet! Oops. I best get on that so I can say I’ve read an author’s complete works. 😀

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      • I can’t imagine you’d ever put any books on a list like this which aren’t good! 😉 I feel like E&P is a great book, and I’m super glad it got all the attention it did to launch Rowell in to the public eye, but her other books all speak to me a bit more.


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