July Wrap-Up 2017

Always late to the monthly wrap-up party but heyyyyy I’m here!!! This month was slow in the reading department. I had family from Puerto Rico and we went out a lot plus I was getting ready for my first live reading event (I’ll get into that later in the post)!


29396738-2Monstress, Vol. 1: Awakening by Marjorie M. Liu ★★★★ 
Genre: Graphic Novel, Adult
Finally picked this graphic novel up after it being out for like a year and OMG it was great!! The detailing, the story, the illustrations, the dialogue, the poet references, yessssss!!!! I have a non-spoiler review here.






35558311maroon daydreams by Cheyenne Raine ★★★★★ 
Genre: Poetry
Filled with beautiful vivid imagery, this collection of poetry will have you feeling love and light by the end of it. I have a short review with some of the poems here.







22055262A Darker Shade of Magic (Shades of Magic #1) by V.E. Schwab ★★★★★ 
Genre: Fantasy
After a few years, I finally read this fantastical book and it was amazing!!! I have a non-spoiler review here. I cannot wait to read the rest of the series in September! I miss Kell and Lila Bard, plus all the Londons!






33509076Black Bird of the Gallows by Meg Kassel ★★★ 
Genre: YA Paranormal
This book releases September 5th and I wrote a non-spoiler ARC review here. This one was a disappointment to me, I was really looking forward to it. However, if you miss reading books like LUX and Twilight, then I would definitely recommend this one for you.







I HAD MY FIRST POETRY READING EVENT AND IT WENT GREAT!!!! It was at Bluestockings Bookstore located in New York City. This even was hosted by an amazing group called La Pluma Y La Tinta. This organization is all about helping PoC writers/poets. They dedicate their events to PoC and I think that’s so great because our voices should be heard just like any other. I got to read alongside other writers!


Special shout out to my twin Lilly @ LairOfBooks for pulling through and showing her support!!! SHE DA BEST!!!!! Check out her super amazing diverse book blog! Why did i just notice that we were both wearing stripes?! *cries laughing* TWINNING!


If you want to check out clips from my reading, I did a full thread on Twitter, click here ❤





Poetry Postings:
– my love poems are ghost stories

and that is all for today’s post! i am hoping that August will be a better reading month since i have officially joined #ARCAugust! what have you book nerds been up to? let’s chat in the comments!

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47 thoughts on “July Wrap-Up 2017

  1. Monstress, Schwab, & your 1st poetry reading event! I’d say July was pretty AWESOME! You seriously did so good it being your 1st time & I LOVED La Plum y La Tinta 🙌🏼 also the Bluestockings itself is a little treasure I didn’t know existed but will be returning to since they are Wonderfully diverse 🙌🏼 I was more than happy to be there for you & capture your special night on video 😃 August is also SUPER exiting, ARCAUGUST in full effect 🚨🚨🚨so many great reads 🤗🤗🤗happy reading twin! 💜📚💜

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  2. I’m doing ARC August too! What ARC’s have you conquered or want to? Can’t believe I wasn’t following your blog before! Just fixed that now xx

    I really need to read love and you and i saw you tweeting about the poetry reading event and it looked awesome!!! Congrats on everything for this month.

    Liked by 1 person

    • aww thanks so much!!! i haven’t gotten to arcs yet because i’ve been reading stalking jack the ripper in order to read hunting prince dracula. i also want to get to warcross, odd & true, little fires everywhere, and jane, unlimited. how about you?


  3. Seems like you had a great July Gretchen. I am so so glad to see you loved A Darker Shade of Magic, especially after how much I go on about it being a favourite series of mine. Now I’m just really excited to see your reviews for the other two books in the series which I can’t wait for you to get around to. 🙂
    Also not surprised to see the high rating you’ve given Monstress, granted I’m not much of a reader of graphic novels but I’ve seen so many amazing reviews for that book.
    I’m glad you first poetry reading/event was a success, hopefully it’s going to mean plenty more for you as well.
    Great recap, and I hope you have a great August as well Gretchen! 😀 ❤

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  4. I loved Monstress! It’s a wonderful graphic novel! I loved the beautiful illustrations and the interesting characters. I’m so glad you loved ADSOM! I haven’t read it yet but I’m looking forward to read it.
    Hope you have a great month! 🙂

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  5. Eeeek it’s so cool that you went to a poetry reading!! I’d actually like to go to one, too, but I have horrible stage fright (and my poetry is kinda terrible) D:

    and somehow I seem to be the only person in the entire universe who hasn’t read ADSOM?? I feel like I’m missing out on something big…!

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    • Thanks a lot! I think a lot of us poets feel like our writing is horrible but you never know who you can touch with your words.

      Don’t worry I was in the same train as you but I would definitely recommend ADSOM!

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  6. I am so glad you liked A Darker Shade of Magic, I read A Gathering of Shadows last month and I freaking loved it, so I hope you enjoy continuing on with this trilogy! Also I just got my hands on Monstress so I hope I love it as much as you!!! Good luck on ARCAugust !

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    • Thanks so much! I cannot wait to continue with the Shades of Magic series sometime in September-October after I finish the ARCS.

      I really hope you like Monstress! It takes a little longer to finish than a regular graphic novel but it’s so worth it!


      • I will be watching out to see what you think of the rest of Shades of Magic, I am really loving it!

        I am loving graphic novels lately, and I did read the first few pages of Monstress and I really think I will enjoy it! Fingers crossed I love it!

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  7. Awesome wrap up Gretchen! I LOOOOVE A Darker Shade of Magic, and I’m currently finishing the final book in the trilogy, which is is both making and ruining my life at the same time. (It’s INCREDIBLE.) I just bought Monstress at YALC last week, so I’m excited to see that you enjoyed it; hopefully I’ll be able to read it this month and chat to you about it. Congratulations on your event, what an amazing achievement! 😀

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  8. That reading event sounds so exciting, I wish we had more events like that here! haha And YAY for diverse representation 😀
    And it looks like you had a nice reading month! I’ve been wanting to get a Schwab for soooo long, I have to fix that 😛

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  9. I’m so glad your first author event was AWESOME! And of *course* Lilly came. I would expect no less. 😉 You seem to have had a great July for reading– lots of amazing books. My July was a bit all over the place with reading, but I hope that #ARCAugust gets me back on track. My goals seem so tiny, but they are certainly going to be a challenge for me! O_o

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