A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas Book Review/Rant

please note that this review will contain minor “spoilers”
quotations because some things shouldn’t be viewed as spoilers, in my opinion.

Title: A Court of Wings and Ruin (Book #3)
Series: A Court of Thorns and Roses
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Genre: New Adult Fantasy
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Format: Hardcover
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars


Synopsis from Goodreads:

A nightmare, I’d told Tamlin. I was the nightmare.

Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin’s maneuverings and the invading king threatening to bring Prythian to its knees. But to do so she must play a deadly game of deceit—and one slip may spell doom not only for Feyre, but for her world as well. As war bears down upon them all, Feyre must decide who to trust amongst the dazzling and lethal High Lords—and hunt for allies in unexpected places.

if you read this book and loved it, please don’t take this as a personal attack. this is just my standpoint and personal opinions. i’m going to be real here and just say that after this book, i will no longer be supporting this author due to the reasons below. let’s get started!


i was very excited for this book! especially after how much i absolutely loved A Court of Mist and Fury (book 2). and after seeing the ending of book 2, i was left with the ultimate book hangover. i had found myself scrolling through tumblr days after looking for fan art, aesthetics, conspiracies for ACOWAR…EVERYTHING… but then, Empire of Storms which is the 5th book in SJM Throne of Glass series happened and i saw a lot of similarities to A Court of Mist and Fury. i had my speculations, i thought that maybe Sarah J. Maas was really tired of the Throne of Glass series and just wanted to spend her time on her newer stuff. no, i was wrong. A Court of Wings and Ruin happened and that proved my little theory so wrong.

i’m not going to lie and say that i hated ACOWAR from beginning to end. i was really into the first 200 pages or so till i started rolling the hell out of my eyes noticing a lot of inconsistencies in the plot and it was dragging as well. i completely understand that the plot is going to drag on, now that more books are going to be added but c’mon! this could’ve been sooooo good! i feel like this book had so much potential to be great.

i also noticed that she was still pretty much copying and pasting from one series to the other. there’s a theory out there that Throne of Glass and ACOTAR are parallel universes to one another and i’m starting to semi-believe it. or maybe it’s just that SJM has gotten lazy. she started adding witches and pirates into this series too…ahem…ToG


i’m still not done ranting. i have a lot more heavier things to discuss like sexuality, race, and abuse. but in the meantime can we discuss how Rhys and Feyre were having sex all the freaking time while there was a war going on?!?!? hoooowwwww, whyyyyyyy, like who has sex in the middle of a war camp?!?! i’ll tell you who! Rhys and Feyre. there’s just some things i don’t understand at all. when it came to book 2, i completely understood the angst and them getting with one another. but in this book?! they’re preparing for war  and there is war, like Sarah…i do not care about the page long sex scene between the two..there are more important things than how they make love to one another after fighting in a war. YA NOT TIRED FROM ALL THE FIGHTING?! CAUSE I SURE AM!! issa no from me.

which leads me to two things…sexual favors and pinching. Sarah has this way of twisting her characters around out of the blue, like i found Rhys and Feyre a little too different for me. now, i completely understand growth with characters but SJM loves to switch on them. i can name a few characters from both series but i’m going to keep my focus on Rhys who’s like the biggest softy in book 2 but yet is asking Feyre for sexual favors when something is done and it’s like wait what? and i feel like he’s being a complete douchebag and wanting Feyre on the sidelines at all times and i was like “where’s Rhys from book 2 who was all about equality and feminism?”


and the pinching which i consider abuse..they kept pinching one another and it was so disturbing to me. regardless of the context and how “playful” it was, i couldn’t deal with the two pinching one another a few times throughout the book. stop pinching one another, some people associate that with abuse. also, although this book is New Adult, Bloomsbury targets this as YA and i think about the audience that reads this book..i don’t find it appropriate for teens to read about pinching their significant other. this was normalized behavior in this book.

now can i talk about race for a second here?


sarah j. maas is known for her lack of people of color (PoC). like literally, they are in the books and don’t last much. or they’re usually in the background..like we always are in media…and i say we because if you don’t know, i’m Puerto Rican *waves the flag high and proud*

i was already pissed off and wanted to DNF this book with everything else that was mentioned above but then my blood started boiling when the war had just started and the first people that get attacked is the court that’s filled with PoC. this is when i have a problem because in media, when you have white people who are the main characters, the first ones to die are us PoC. this is a fact. this has become an actual joke between us PoC. we can watch a movie and be like “how much you wanna bet that the first person to die is the PoC?” i obviously cannot speak for every PoC but with my interactions with others..this is a thing that happens.

and i cannot support authors who keep doing this and making it okay to use us for their advantage and plot point. i know this is something that a lot of us in the book community speak up about. i also know that it’s our fault as consumers that we keep purchasing these books. because it gives the okay to publishers to keep pushing these types of books out.

which leads me into my next point…sexuality.


so people are going to dismiss the fact that SJM literally stereotyped the living shit out of a bisexual character by stating that he wanted a foursome with other characters? like if bisexuals in real life don’t get enough shit by people who think they’re promiscuous and confused and just want to sleep with everyone?

annnnnnnd let’s not forget that Mor all of a sudden is lesbian and SJM seriously wrote that scene like a fucking PLOT TWIST. sorry not sorry but umm stop making the LGBTQIA+ community as a plot twist.

issa fail.


and i am sure that SJM pulled this when she realized their was a deal of adding more books because she obviously needs to extend the series and it’s characters. BUT SHE COULD’VE DONE SO MUCH MORE THAN PULL THAT CRAP! like her main plot was already being pulled into a million different directions and so were the characters. so now all of a sudden, Mor is lesbian and you had to tell us that in book 3? FOH! annnnd it’s also still a secret cause she only told one person. therefore, SJM now has you stringing along to keep buying her other books to see how Azriel finds out about her being lesbian.  mmmmm k.


the only reason why i gave it a 2 star was because SJM definitely builds it up for the future books to come and she knows how to keep you on edge. there are characters that i care for and liked what she did with SOME of them. she definitely left me with tons of questions which i feel like will eventually be answered in the next 3 books but i won’t be reading them. i will forget about this one in a few days.


and that is it for my ranty review. any thoughts? let’s chat in the comments ❤

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43 thoughts on “A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas Book Review/Rant

  1. Loved the review Gretchen ! Seriously if people keep buying stuff like this when there are clearly alot of issues that are basically normalized when in real life theyre issues alot of us deal with on a daily basis its not cool . i always love the voice you have for these real world issues because they shouldnt be accepted. Gret review keep up the good work !!

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  2. Yeah, I agree with some of the things you said. I’ve also noticed ToG and ACOTAR bleeding together. I feel like writing two 6-700 books a year is just too much, especially that they both have fairly similar mythologies (actually, I went to a SJM event last year and she did say that she herself considers the two worlds parallel).

    I absolutely hated the Mor thing. Like… it made no sense to me, I thought it was stupid and poorly done and instead of making Mor sympathetic, it just dragged her down as a character. I mean, what sort of douchebag strings someone along for 500 years? I don’t care if you don’t want to reveal your sexuality, you don’t do that.

    Also agree with the abundance of sex scenes. Could have definitely done without. Although… I don’t really agree that Rhys was asking for sexual favours. The very definition of a sexual favour is asking someone for sex in exchange for something else, usually when that other person doesn’t have any sexual interest in you. I cannot think of any instance when that happened. Feyre definitely was interested in Rhys and they never had sex when she didn’t want to. You’re referring to the war tent scene, I presume. But I don’t think he was asking for sexual favours. It was simply a thing that he found refuge in after the horrors of battle and Feyre understood that.

    The subsequent books in the series will not follow the same characters, I don’t think. So I don’t think the whole Mor thing was a ploy to rope people in for following books, but I don’t know.

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    • “I went to a SJM event last year and she did say that she herself considers the two worlds parallel” ahh okay, this makes a lot of sense though because like you said, they have similar mythologies.

      sex scenes and sexual favors are two different topics in my review. i never insinuated that feyre didn’t want to have sex with rhys because let’s just put it blatantly, that would be considered rape. rhys definitely insinuated sexual favors in two different exchanges. one, in the library, if you have the USA hardcover edition please refer to pages 218-220. and the other can be found in pages 386-387 when he wanted to return a sexual favor as “owing” her for something she did the night before. again, i never stated in the review that neither parties weren’t giving consent. it was just something i had noticed since in my opinion, SJM drastically changed a lot of these characters.

      it was confirmed when SJM made the deal for the additional books that some of the characters from this current series were definitely getting their own books. which is why a lot of these characters didn’t have an ending. ex: Nesta, there was a lot of unresolved things that happened with her. especially in those last chapters and i’m sure SJM will build up more for the next books on her and Cassion. another ex: Mor and Azriel, Azriel’s character needs some type of ending which ties into Elian who’s mate is Lucien. also, we never find out if Lucien is Helion’s son or Beron’s. that changes the whole game on which court Lucien is going to run in the future. there were so many loose ties that SJM didn’t end.

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      • Yeah, there were definitely a lot of loose ends. That’s one of the things I think were poorly done in the book, since it is the end of a trilogy and the other books are supposed to be companions, even if some of the characters will appear in them.

        I still don’t see it. I don’t really know what you’re referring to as “sexual favours”, but neither of those two scenes constitute as such in my opinion. A sexual favour is exchanging sex for some other kind of good, it’s essentially prostitution. So yeah… I really don’t think that’s the case.

        Also, I wasn’t really talking about consent. You can give consent and have it be a sexual favour. Again, going back to the prostitution example. There is consent there. But the prostitute has sex with you because she is paid, not because she has any interest in you, you know what I mean?

        However, I do agree about the change in characters. I think Rhys was fairly consistent. But Feyre definitely changed a lot and to me it seemed like she was becoming more and more like Aelin.


  3. Oh I’m so sorry to see this wasn’t a book you enjoyed Gretchen. I actually really loved ACOWAR, and I still love all of SJM’s books but you made some good points so I can certainly see why you didn’t enjoy it. It’s a shame because obviously we want to love all the books we read don’t we? It’s kind of why we read in the first place (at least it’s why I read to say the least :D) so I really really hope the next book you pick up will be a five star read for you.
    Also great review! 🙂

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  4. Ah I had to skip because I haven’t started the series. It is so impossible to review later volumes or installments without a few spoilers 😉 But I did take a gander at those 2 measly stars haha. This series is seriously jumping on and off of my tbr with our current comments and chats about it haha ❤

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  5. I loved this book but I also agree with some of the things you’ve mentioned. I wish there was less sex scenes in this book and the twist with Mor felt strange because the author never gave any hints from the start. And also the tongue sticking out thing felt bit childish. I’ve read the first two books in TOG series so I don’t have any knowledge on the rest of the series but I’ve seen some readers complaining about the same thing you’ve said.

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  6. as soon as i saw that tea gif i knew i was going to love this review 😂😂 i’ve only read acotar and didn’t like it at all. i own acomaf but idk if i’ll ever actually read it ??? it’s just so long and from what i’ve seen i don’t think i’m gonna enjoy it. all the issues you’ve brought up is what i’ve seen A LOT of people say and it’s a shame because even though i disliked acotar SJM did some of the best vivid worldbuilding and i feel like her books could be so great if she didn’t keep doing this kinda stuff ?? amazing review, gretchen!!

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    • THANK YOU LAUREN!!!! MY POINT EXACTLY!! Her writing and her world building isn’t bad at all, she has sooooo much potential to make this series FREAKING AMAZING but this shit she pulled with race and sexuality? No ma’am, i ain’t dealing with it. it’s unacceptable to me and i cannot continue supporting her. I absolutely loved ACOMAF, however i don’t think you would like it at all and either way, at this point? i wouldnt even recommend it.


  7. Your review explains perfectly why I abandoned the Sarah J. Maas ship before it set sail. I just can’t get into her books at all, and the more problems I see that surface in reviews only make me more confident in my decision not to read anything she writes.

    Wonderful review, hon. ❤

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    • Thank you very much, Alicia! This was my last straw with SJM. I’ve read 9 books by her but the last two by her were my decision makers that I just cannot support her anymore. Especially this one that I reviewed. It’s very infuriating. She had so much potential to make this series great. But you live and you learn, right? Once again, thank you ❤

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  8. I have not read the book yet.I enjoyed Acotar and Acomaf even though I had problems with both of them about the depiction of females and consent. I am not pleased with sudden forced inclusion of depicting Mor as a lesbian at all. I want to read and see how the whole things ends. But I guess there is no hurry to get to know the end.
    Also, yes! What is with having sex in between a war?

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    • There were a lot of loose ends in this book, I would suggest to maybe wait till the 4th book comes out and read closer to the date release of the next one?
      Just like you, I really enjoyed the first two books as well but I was very highly disappointed with this one. This book also has the continuous problem of females and consent. Mor being lesbian and having to be used a plot device really rubbed me the wrong way.
      If you read the book, I would love to know your thoughts! And yes!!!! The sex between a war and literally right after the war was just a little too much for me.
      I hope you have a lovely day and thank you for stopping by!

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  9. I agree with you on most accounts here; of the overwritten sex scenes and the similarities to ToG. But my main problem with the series has been a lack of PoC characters, which really gets to me because I’m also a PoC and, you know, it doesn’t hurt seeing the diverse world I live in to be reflected in a book

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    • oh i completely agree with you and understand! when she writes PoC, i noticed in this book particularly that it felt really forced. or maybe she’s always been like that and i’m just noticing this.

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  10. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy this conclusion, Gretchen! 😦 I definitely agree with you on some of these points! There were far too many sex scenes that had no business existing. They were just there to fill up the pages and show how much Feyre and Rhys love one another (but we already know that, so there’s no need to have extra sexy times scenes. 1 or 2 scenes would have worked just as well). And though I love the added diversity, I felt as if the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ characters was a bit forced. It just didn’t feel all that natural to have a gay couple, a lesbian couple, and two bisexual individuals come out (or be introduced) in one book. It felt like Maas was checking off a diversity list for all the things she failed to include in her previous two books.

    And though I love that she’s come out as bisexual, Mor’s sudden confession felt more like a plot twist than an organic revelation of her character. However, on the one hand, it kind of came out of nowhere, but on the other, the story’s told from Feyre’s POV, so she might not have picked up on any clues to Mor’s sexuality because Mor was so good at hiding it. IDK. Despite all that, Mor’s stringing Azriel along for half a century because of her preference for women seems a bit cruel for her character….And let’s not talk about the blatant lack of POC in Maas’ books. It’s something I think she still needs to work toward. Maybe her next few books will be better? I really hope so. I’m not ready to give up on her just yet.

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    • “I felt as if the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ characters was a bit forced” OMG YESSSS!!!!! Even the descriptions of her PoC characters felt forced too. It didn’t feel natural at all. I completely agree that it felt like she was checking off a diversity list. I also feel like it felt forced because majority of the community was forcing her to do so.
      Mor’s confession definitely looked like a plot twist to me and I don’t think lgbtqia+ should be used as a plot twist. I understand where you’re coming from that we only get Feyre’s point but like when you think about the previous two books and even Mor’s convo with Feyre…ugh Maas pretty much broke Mor’s character…she literally strung Azriel like you said for half a century. And what infuriates me is that, it’s The Night Court…they’re so open and amazing about everything. I completely understand being scared to open up about her sexuality to her family but The Night Court who would’ve kept it on the hush hush? *sobs*

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      • Oh yes, I definitely feel that Maas was pressured to add in so many LGBTQIA+ characters and POCs, especially after epically failing to do so in her ToG series (I heard) and ACOTAR/ACOMAF. I just wish she had handled it better so that it would have seemed much more organic to the story’s plot.
        I agree, LGBTQIA+ should never be used as a mean-spirited joke or plot twist (intentional or not). Mor stringing Azriel along was so out of character. The Inner Circle is such a tight-knit group, so it didn’t really make sense for Mor to hide it from people who actually support and love her. I don’t know, it just didn’t fit. Hopefully, Maas somehow explains that issue in the next installments. I liked this book, but it was pretty disappointing in many areas 😦

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      • yes, i completely agree! i feel like had Maas not presented a lot of these things that i consider problematic, it would’ve been a wonderful story. it broke my heart that i didn’t really like it because i saw the potential. i hope Maas does better and learns from this.

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  11. I definitely agree with everything in this review despite my 5 star rating. I did notice while reading that the same lined were used over and over, especially when describing the abundant Feyre and Rhysand sex scenes. And then the whole Mor “reveal” kind of felt like it was stuck in there to appease people who were complaining about the lack of diversity in SJM’s books. Great review, I really understand where you’re coming from and to be honest I think SJM’s books are getting repetitive and annoyin, I will continue to read her books but if they’re anything like TOG or ACOWAR in the future, I do think I will have to stop reading.

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    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Definitely agree that it was repetitive between Feyre and Rhys..my gosh if they called each other mate one more, I would’ve eye rolled myself to another dimension lol.
      I also definitely 1000000% agree with you on “appease people who were complaining about the lack of diversity” because it really felt forced in ACOWAR.
      Her books are getting repetitive and annoying for sure. I just can’t do it anymore. The similarities between both ToG and ACOWAR are a bit too much for me. I hope she does better in the future.

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  12. Mor, the character that stood up to her family and everyone else? Mor, the bad ass who has the don’t give a fk attitude? Mor, who made her own path with the court of night? is keeping this secret? Give me a fking break!!!!! MAJOR FAIL! and talk about a million and one battles, I felt like I was reading the same scene over and over again.

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  13. Hello everyone so i have recently read these 3 books and found them very unsatisfying. Straight up I will admit that i might be of the wrong demographic for these books.
    I found with some parts that there were bizarre 180 tone shifts. Also a particular scene at the end I found very cheap. I haven’t read any of her other books but there are some elements that do have me concerned especially with how some of the characters acted or were treated. I been trying to figure out why this series annoyed me on core level.
    I by no means wish to say no one should read these books because it was the passion that was held by some of friends that i even picked it up in the first place and there are characters that i love but overall there is something about this series that bugs me on a core level

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    • hey there! sorry i am late to the response but i completely understand and agree with you. i feel like there were major character personality changes and i just found a lot of problematic themes throughout the book. this series is very loved so there’s a very small percentage of us that don’t like it or just understand that it has problematic content, welcome to the club!


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