Q&A announcement!!

hello everyone!!! i hope you are all doing well, i have been quite exhausted lately so please send me some positive vibes lol. thank you! this post will be short and to the point because i will be saying a lot more in another post!

on Saturday May, 20th i will make one year blogging, ONE YEARand i still can’t quite believe it. as my one year blogiversary, i will be answering alllllll the questions! therefore, please please please leave me any questions you have here on this post. questions can be anything really. like about my blogging experience, personal questions, writing, about my dog, anything!

thank you to everyone who’s been there with me through this blogging journey. i am super grateful and really happy that i have met you all. some have even become personal friends and it means the world to me. blogger friends really do make for great friends!

ALSO!!!!!!! as part of my one year blogiversary, my poetry book love, and you will be 99cents for the day on kindle! whoop whoop! but if you have kindle unlimited, you can already check it out here.

and that is all!!! thank you for stopping by ❤

47 thoughts on “Q&A announcement!!

  1. Now that you have published “love & you”, if you could look back to when you very first decided you wanted to publish a full book what advice would you give yourself? Is there anything all at that you feel you would do differently? – Sorry sort of a two parter ❤

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  2. Happy anniversary!!
    My question is this: when can you DM me and tell me about how you got your book published? 😂🙇
    I need your safe wisdom!
    Jk….how long have you been blogging and what was your genre of choice when you started? Did you always intend on your blog being an outlet for your poetry? 😘

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  3. If a poet uses a pen name do you recommend they register the copyright with the US copyright office before publishing? What advice would you give to a poet who really wants to self-publish but has self-doubt?

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  4. OMYGOSH TWIN! I can’t believe it’s coming up on 1 year! I guess what they say is true, time flies when you’re having fun 😉 CONGRATS!!!! Ok so my questions are: Will we be seeing more from your People I Once Knew series & what would you say has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned while blogging? any tips/advice for new bloggers? 😉

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  5. A massive congratulations on your one year blogiversary Gretchen. It’s such an amazing acheivement and I bet you’re so thrilled right now as well! 😀 ❤
    I can't wait to see your answers for all these questions, I've come up with a few my own as well which I've included below.
    + What is your favourite poem that you've written; be it part of your love & you collection or not?
    + What is your favourite poem by another author?
    + Other than publishing your book and reaching your one year blogiversary what has been the high point of your year?
    + If you could recommend one book to everyone, what would it be?
    + Do you have any exciting blogging plans for next year?
    + What would you say is your life goal, and have you achieved it yet?
    Again congrats on one year of blogging! 🙂 ❤

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  6. Happy (early) blogiversary Gretchen! ❤
    My question is what is the one thing that you love the most about blogging and writing/poetry?

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  7. So glad my hiatus has ended and I didn’t miss this! My big question is, can I have your dog? I think he will like a summer in the UK? haha no joking aside;
    – What was the moment you realized you could make your poetry into a book and outside of your blog?
    Like was there a moment it hit you like this is going well I would love to try it? (Hope that makes sense)
    – What was a book that made you fall in love with reading?
    – What’s one piece of advice you would give to your younger self if you could?

    Don’t feel obligated to answer them all 🙂

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  8. !!! CONGRATS~ This is a HUGE deal. I have loved following all your work. And I can’t wait to tell the world how amazing your poetry book is. Because duh.

    It looks like most of the questions above are super serious and useful. Time to change it up:
    * What is your favorite book to re-read and why?
    * What is the best thing your dog has ever done for you?
    * What are the worlds best pizza toppings?
    * If you could visit anywhere in the world RIGHT NOW where would you go?

    ❤ ❤ ❤

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  9. Happy *almost* blogiversary!!!! Such a huge milestone in a blogging journey 🙂

    Baaaahhhhh I’m sure I’ve missed the cut off for the Q&A, but maybe you will answer in the comments lol

    – If you died tomorrow, what would you want to be written on your tomb stone? (sorry this questions is a little morbid lol)
    – What is your spirit animal?
    – If you could punch one person in the face (past, present, real, or fictional) who would it be?

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