e-book haul!

I haven’t hauled any books since my December/January Book Haul post!! Therefore, I will be doing different type of book haul post (e-book, poetry, and physical copy). Let’s get started with what I accumulated per month!




i also accumulated some poetry e-books but i will be placing them in the poetry book haul. stay tuned for more hauls! have you read any of these books? let’s talk in the comments!

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42 thoughts on “e-book haul!

  1. Have you read Punk 57 and Angelfall? I’ve been meaning to read Punk 57 for ages and I still haven’t picked it up (like a lot of books) and I’ve also owned Angelfall for like 3 years! Great haul!

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  2. Wow you got a lot of books here Gretchen, than again I guess if this is three months worth of purchases it’s not so bad is it?
    I really really hope you enjoy Angelfall and Red Rising, both of those are the start of two of my favourite series so I’ll be really interested to see what you think of each. Hopefully you’ll end up being as excited for the second books in each series as I was! 😀
    Also I have Of Fire and Stars on my to-read list still, haven’t seen many reviews yet but if it’s one you enjoy I may be tempted to move it up my to-read list.
    Great haul Gretchen! 😀 ❤

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    • I have a huge feeling that I will love angelfall and red rising! A lot of people I trust love both this series so I have high hopes. I just hope I get to them soon lol.
      I’ve heard mixed reviews for of fire and stars so I’m curious as to what I’ll think 😬

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      • In that case I can’t wait for you to get around to them, and I can’t wait to see your reviews either.
        Ehh, I haven’t actually seen anything for Of Fire and Stars but then again I can’t really say I’ve been looking that much. 🙂

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  3. Wow! You are steadily growing that TBR, aren’t you? 😉

    I recently read 1984 for the first time– I struggled at times, but I think it’s totally worth it. The only other book on this list I’ve read is Red Rising. It’s a really entertaining book, but I struggled with female representation in it. That said, Pierce Brown heard from his fans and fixed that significantly for the sequel! This also made me realize I haven’t finished the series yet, even though I have all the books! O_o Apparently, I’m a slacker.

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  4. ^^^hated 1984! lol jussayin…I really tried to love it but it’s up there with The Catcher in the Rye for me, NO BUENO LMFAOOOO! I want to read My Sister Rosa this Fall for sure, you owe me a buddy read lol. You already know how I feel about Red Rising & our boo Pierce *heart eyes* lol. Gotta read The Queen Of Blood soon. &&& I just bought the kindle copy of Punk 57 cuz THAT BLURB!!!! so thanks twin for feeding my addiction to Kindle deals lol. EPIC E-BOOK HAUL!!!!!!!!!

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    • Our boo? Or do you mean MY boo? Oh okay lmaooooo. I probably won’t ever read 1984 but it was free sooooo why not lmao.

      I never meant to feed into your addiction, I’m sorry *cries into the abyss* lmfao!

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      • Mira Gretchen *pronounced in Spanish* LOL! I can’t pass up a free deal either so I aint mad atcha! lol I’m super intrigued by Punk 57 though so thanks for the recc twin ❤ ya! 😉

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