Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately by Alicia Cook Spoiler Free Book Review

Title: Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately
Author: Alicia Cook
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: CreateSpace (version I own), Andrews McMeel Publishing
Format: Paperback
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Synopsis from Goodreads:

In Alicia Cook’s second poetic effort, designed in the style of an old mixtape, she sets her thoughts to a nostalgic tune. There is no Table of Contents. Instead, there is a “Track List,” making it easy to refer to them to your friends with a, “Hey did you read track seven?!” There are no chapters. Instead, the book is divided into two parts, or as one would say in the 90’s, two “sides.” Side A holds poetry that touches on all aspects of the human condition like life, death, love, moving on, evolving, growing up, hometowns, family dynamic, life after trauma, and make-ups and breakups. Side B holds the “remixes” of these poems, in the form of blackout poetry, also known as “found poetry.” Side B gives the material a fresh twist by creating new poetry out of Side A. There is also a very special surprise at the end of each track.


First off, I want to wish Alicia Cook the happiest of book birthday’s to Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately!! It is now officially published with Andrews McMeel Publishing with tons of new poems so I cannot wait to grab this edition and read the rest!

The copy that I am reviewing is her self-published version which I purchased back in January. And easily one of my favorite poetry collections. This collection was full of nostalgia, grief, loss, love, growing, and so many other things that a lot of us humans go through.

Stuff I’ve Been Lately is divided into two parts. Side A are full length of poems that talk about all the topics I mentioned. Side B are the remixes, where she takes these same poems are creates “black out” poetry out of them. Still equally and impacting as Side A.

These poems were very unique and threw a punch in each one. I loved reading Side A, Side B and then alternating as well. This is beautiful, raw, and emotional.

If you ever dealt with loss, grief, nostalgia, self-doubt, then I would recommend this to you. It really touched my heart.

Some of my favorites:


(above images show Side A and Side B of the same poem)


If you interested in this collection, you can purchase a copy on Amazon here.

Thoughts on this collection? Lets talk in the comments!

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25 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately by Alicia Cook Spoiler Free Book Review

  1. This book looks so amazing. I’ve always said I loved the cover but seeing the pictures you posted of some of your favourite poems I’ve realised I love the format of the book itself as well!
    Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately looks like it has a unique way of expressing the poems inside. I loved the differences between Side A and Side B in your photos. I’m definitely going to be adding this to my to-read list if I enjoy the other poetry books currently on it! 😀
    Great review Gretchen. 🙂

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  2. This is one that I am eagerly anticipating getting some free time to read. I LOVE Track 34! it accurately describes a point in my life where fear def held me back from too much. On my TBR for that poetry haul I was supposed to do in February but will probably end up doing in May which is now known as Balls to the Wall May in terms of $$$ & books ***sobs*** LMAO!

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  3. I love the concept for this and the fact that she adds the song she’s currently listening to at the bottom. I would so end up looking up the songs just to listen while I’m reading. And I love blackout poetry so much! I did a bit of that last year when I first discovered it. Anyway! Great review as always, Gretchen! I will definitely be adding this to my TBR. 😊

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  4. […] Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately by Alicia Cook ★★★★★ Genre: Poetry From this book being self-pub to now published via Andrews McMeel.  This poetry book is about grief, love, and loss. Divided into two parts, Side A and Side B the remixes. I have a full review here. […]


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