Cover Reveal of My Poetry Book “love, and you”

it’s here it’s here it’s here! and while i type these words, tears are overflowing. i still can’t believe this is happening, i still cannot believe that in summer of 2017 my book will be published. yes, i am still on a mini hiatus but i really wanted to show you the front and back cover of my poetry book because i want us to go through this process together lol. this is real!!!! so without further ado:




you can officially add ‘love, and you’ on Goodreads to your TBR, click here


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Goodreads: Gretchen (ChicNerdReads)

91 thoughts on “Cover Reveal of My Poetry Book “love, and you”

  1. Amazing , gorgeous. Gosh i cant wait to hold it in my hands. Screaming a huge congratulations to you love 😘keep up the great work on this amazing journey

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  2. Oh my goodness, how GORGEOUS! I am so excited for you and this is just the most awesome thing I have seen today! Adding it to my Goodreads right now and I can’t wait to buy and read all your amazing poetry books :). Congrats girl!

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  3. OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH!!!! That cover is so beautiful! ❤ You are the one who got me hooked into poetry and now I can't wait to read the whole book!

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  4. I absolutely love your cover so much Gretchen! I think it looks beautiful and reflects the beauty of your poetry. Is this going to be available to purchase on Amazon or anywhere? You know I’m going to want to get my hands on a copy here in the UK! Sit you proudly next to my Rupi Kaur!

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