December and January Book Haul

Many months ago, I had stated that I was only going to do seasonal book hauls because I don’t buy much books. Well my friends, that was a mothereffin lie. I have so many physical books/ebooks to show you. I can’t believe I acquired 22 books in only two months. I need to stop!!!

*the title of each book will lead you to the Goodreads page

Physical Fiction Books:


Physical Poetry Books:


  • Uncaged Wallflower by Jennae Cecelia
    Uncaged Wallflower is for those who feel trapped in the thoughts their minds produce, unable to express them with the rest of the world out of fear of critique or disagreement. For the people who need an extra dose of positivity in their day. This is not a poetry book for you to read and relate to in a sorrow filled way. It is for you to read and say yes, I can be better, and I will.
  • Bright Minds Empty Souls by Jennae Cecelia: 
    Bright Minds Empty Souls is for the hopeless romantics and those who need a friend to comfort their late night thoughts. It’s a book made with love about falling in and out of love with yourself, and others. Enjoy over 60 poems from Jennae’s second edition of, Bright Minds Empty Souls.
  • The Chaos of Longing by K.Y. Robinson
    The Chaos of Longing is a prose and poetry collection draped in raw honesty, ache, and eroticism. The collection explores trauma, love, heartbreak, and the realizations from it all. 
    The book is divided into four sections. “Inception” briefly examines formative years and its effects on how one loves. “Longing” reflects on love and sexuality. “Chaos” explores toxic relationships, unrequited love, and heartache. After chaos, there is order with self-love and healing poems in “epiphany”.
    Some content may be triggering.
  • Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately by Alicia Cook
    In Alicia Cook’s second poetic effort, designed in the style of an old mixtape, she sets her thoughts to a nostalgic tune. There is no Table of Contents. Instead, there is a “Track List,” making it easy to refer to them to your friends with a, “Hey did you read track seven?!” There are no chapters. Instead, the book is divided into two parts, or as one would say in the 90’s, two “sides.” Side A holds poetry that touches on all aspects of the human condition like life, death, love, moving on, evolving, growing up, hometowns, family dynamic, life after trauma, and make-ups and breakups. Side B holds the “remixes” of these poems, in the form of blackout poetry, also known as “found poetry.” Side B gives the material a fresh twist by creating new poetry out of Side A. There is also a very special surprise at the end of each track. Alicia decided to self publish this effort after leaving her publishing house. She views this book as her “independence” and official separation from that venture.
  • Rest in the Mourning by R.H. Sin
    The calm before and after the storm. Rest in the Mourning is a steady and profound stream of conscious thoughts and emotion. Documenting unhealthy relationships and why the heart ends up in the hands of those deemed unworthy. It speaks to the heart’s ability to hold on to relationships that no longer deserve our energy as well as what happens when we are ready to let go. Rest in the Mourning is about self-care and self-love.
  • Whiskey Words and a Shovel II by R.H. Sin:
    Real and raw, the voice of R. H. Sin delivers gritty, impassioned truths on matters of loving, living, and leaving in his second book of poetry.  Sin’s first book is a bestseller and continues to delight his one million followers.
    R.H. Sin’s second volume continues the passion and vigor of his previous publication. His stanzas inspire strength through the pure emotional energy and the vulnerability of his poems. Relationships, love, pain, and fortitude are powerfully rendered in his poetry, and his message of perseverance in the face of emotional turmoil cuts to the heart of modern-day life.
  • Broken Flowers by R.M. Drake
    “And you will go on / searching for the best of you / and you will never find it, / but that is the point.” This stunning collection of poems asks readers to keep on seeking – the journey is the destination. In this fifth installment from Robert M. Drake, the poet meditates on the subtle beauty of brokenness.
    I have a non spoiler book review here.


thoughts???? let’s chat in the comments! any of these on your TBR or on your read shelf?

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33 thoughts on “December and January Book Haul

  1. ahhhhh Twin, how you’ve joined me in out of control book buying…well it was good having you in January since I know you have much better self control than I do lol. I can’t wait for you to read HIAYLM & Lost Girls! *eeeK* I think you picked up some pretty EPIC books last month so I know you’ll be having enjoyable reads 😉

    P.S. I totally forgot to include my e-books in my haul but maybe that’s all for the best LMAO!

    Liked by 1 person

    • lmfaoooo!!!! girllllllll once i collected all these physical copies and ebooks, forget it…and this month with ebooks, im already on a roll cause i bought two so far. so imagine by the end of the month, ugh. i need another shelf lmao


  2. Great book haul for December and January Gretchen. I really need to get around to History is All You Left Me soon, it’s on my to-read list for next week actually along with More Happy Than Not and I can’t wait to finally get around to them both. I also have City of Saints and Thieves on my to-read list after seeing loads of people talking about it on WordPress.
    I love the covers for the poetry books you picked up, they’re all so pretty, and I hope you enjoy all the books you brought the past two months if you haven’t read them already! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Woah! You really did have quite a haul the last two months!! I try really hard to get my books at the library, but for some reason, there are still books all over the tables, chairs, and floor of my home. Strange. I swear they must be breeding… 😉

    I am sooooo embarrassed to say that none of these books are ones I’ve read! GASP! That said, about half are on my TBR. I reallllly want to read The Lies of Locke Lamora, but I want the series to be finished first. I haven’t heard of most of the poetry books, but I’ve recently started to get back into reading poetry (thanks to you!)— I’ll keep an eye out for your future posts and see if I can find some I’d love to read. Recommendations always welcome.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “Strange. I swear they must be breeding” I AM LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW!!!!! Lies of Locke Lanora still hasn’t finished? Isn’t that a pretty old series? Lol or maybe it’s me cause I feel like I’ve heard of this series since forever!
      I’m so happy you’re into poetry! Thank you for that. Eeeeeeeeeeek


  4. *does happy dance* so excited you bought Dream Waters!!!! OMG yay another person to fangirl with. I can’t wait to read your review of it. Don’t worry about your book buying problem I have the same dang one… It’s okay we could have worse hobbies 😉

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  5. Soo many books. Great haul!
    You also got so many poetry books which I love to see because its so rare for me to see people post about poetry, your the first proper haul i’ve seen including them!
    I now can look them up to see if they would be something that interests me. Have you read the poetry book Dirty Pretty Things by Michael Faudet. I’m debating whether to try that one out next..

    Liked by 1 person

      • Oh is it? Ok my bad I assumed it was like love poetry aha. I know! How interesting, I kind of liked her love and misadventure but all her rhyming annoyed me. I’m basically looking for something that leaves me feeling as happy as I was when I finished Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur…

        Liked by 1 person

      • I haven’t read her stuff yet. I have Memories but I haven’t gotten to it lol. Had you read The Princess Saves Herself in this One?…there’s also We Carry The Sky


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