Black Butterfly Spoiler Free Book Review

Title: Black Butterfly
Author: Robert M. Drake
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Andrews McMeel
Format: Paperback (gift from LairofBooks)
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Synopsis from Goodreads:

The Black Butterfly is a symbol of transformation and rebirth after death. Drake wrote this book for those who have lost someone in death and in life.

This book is a collection of memories and experiences Drake lived after the death of one of his brothers. He promised he would write him a few words after he failed to complete the task while his brother was alive. This book is everything… this book is for all who are breathing and for all who are no longer here. This book is for you.

This is so deep. I can’t even begin to explain in words the emotions and feelings this book has put me through. I remember having to go to the bathroom to cry because I felt like r.m. drake was just talking about me through his poems.

Black Butterfly is a collection of poems that are about memories and experiences after losing someone in death or in life. Because sometimes people are no longer apart of your life and you still grieve them all the same.

Black Butterfly is also filled with beautiful illustrations. His poems are both long and short. r.m. drake definitely has a way with words. This book will make you think, it will make you grateful for the memories, it will make you cry, it will make you wonder about the life you have with the people around you, it will make you reflect on yourself.

I recommend this poetry collection to anyone who’s lost someone in death or life. If you’re going through a break-up, you lost a friend, or something just simply happened, then pick this up. And if you lost yourself, then read might just be able to breathe a little more easily after it.

Some of my favorite poems:

She did not find
the grim
in falling apart,
for every time
she found herself
to be broken,
she knew
that she was brutally
remaking herself
and collapsing
to be reborn
like a rioting star;
the dark sky.

People are all the same
but you and I,
we’re not like them.
So to say that we’ll both stay
isn’t you and it isn’t me
We’re tragically drawn
to one another
and eventually we’ll fall apart.
So let’s enjoy
whatever it is that we have,
because when we’re done,
I wouldn’t know what else
to give you
other than just another story.
And that alone might be
the most beautiful thing
we’ll ever live to tell.

I couldn’t find the
words to save you,
to make you still.

And I buried myself
in the regret
until I became it.

If only I had
then perhaps,
would have stayed.


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25 thoughts on “Black Butterfly Spoiler Free Book Review

  1. Oh JFC, I need to start reading more poetry! The first poem of your favorites hits home big time… Someone in my life once told me that in order to get better you have to hit rock bottom, and when you hit rock bottom you need to work… cause if you stay there too long, all will be lost… that poem just reminded me of those… weird, dark times from which me and that someone came out as better people… Lovely review!

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    • Oh I’ve heard of something similar before so I completly understand! Funny thing..I have a tattoo on my rib that says “I was reborn when I was broken” so trust me..I understand. I hope you enjoy this book. Thanks love ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. […] Black Butterfly by Robert M. Drake ★★★★★ Genre: Poetry A poetry collection about the transformation and rebirth of life and death. r.m. drake wrote this for all the people who have lost someone either living dead. I have a full non spoiler review that includes some of the poems here. […]


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