Mini-Hiatus and Update

Hello! I wanted to apologize for being absent these past few days, not only with posting but being present in your blogs with comments/likes. Things have been a little hectic for me and they will continue to be hectic till July 31st.

Why? Because my mom is turning 50 and I’m throwing her this big 50th birthday party. Her party is on the 30th but her actual birthday is the 31st. I don’t have any help so I’ve been running around like a maniac getting A through Z done whilst working my full time job. By the time I get some down time, I’m just really tired and want to sleep.

So I’m 99% sure that I will not be posting/being active till after the 31st and I’m so sorry!!! Some things just take priority and I want this party to be perfect for my mom. She so deserves it but I also feel like I owe to you an explanation for my absence.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! AND I MISS ALL OF YOU!!! XOXOXOXOX 

23 thoughts on “Mini-Hiatus and Update

  1. I’m leaving a comment because I will miss you in the blogosphere. If I hit like, it won’t be true lol. Great thing is that you’re only a text away my book buddy! lol. Your moms 50th will be EPIC!!!! #daughteroftheyear

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  2. I completely understand you now, because my Dad’s 50th Birthday is this weekend, and it is such a huge and important celebration, that it becomes impossible to find time for anything else!

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  3. I’ll definitely miss seeing your posts, but it’s totally understandable why you won’t be around! You definitely don’t need to apologise šŸ˜Š What you’re doing for your mum is amazing!!! I hope it all goes smoothly and you have a wonderful time on the day of the party ā™„

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  4. Though you will be missed but it is totally understandable. ooohh!! I love Birthday celebrations. I am so excited for you.
    A birthday celebration is itself a happy event, but when a child does it for her mother it simply becomes an awesome event. Wishing your mother a Happy Birthday [in advance :)] and wishing you all the luck in conducting such a happy event. Hope you have a great time.. See you soon..

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